Appalachian Food Summit - Cornbread and Roses: Solidarity, Resistance, and Subsistence

By Candace Nelson - 5:00 PM

Appalachian food summit

The Appalachian Food Summit is a really amazing event that brought together chefs, writers, and other folks in the food industry.

Appalachian food summit

This is the first time it's been held in West Virginia, so I was excited to check it out.

Appalachian food summit

The summit consisted of incredible speakers, performances, and, of course, food.

Appalachian food summit

I was so excited to see folks like Ronni Lundy, Crystal Good, Kristian Thacker, Mike Costello, Courtney Balestier, Nancy Bruns, Emily Hilliard & more.

Appalachian food summitI had the pleasure of hanging with Ashton Marra, Katie Schell & her husband, Marion Ohlinger & his wife, and Matt Welsh.

Appalachian food summitCoffee was served by Firsthand Coffee throughout the summit.

Appalachian food summit

And, we heard from so many great, inspiring folks.

Appalachian food summitI may have geeked out when I met Ronni Lundy!

Appalachian food summitLunch for the event consisted of pepperoni rolls & a tomato sandwich bar.

Appalachian food summitThere were four different bakeries represented: Home Industry, Abruzzino's, D'Annunzio's, and Tomaro's - all from Harrison County.

Appalachian food summitI had to try one of each, plus they had sweet peppers and hot peppers, too.

Appalachian food summitThe tomato sandwich bar was so impressive!

Appalachian food summitThere was salt-rising bread, Buxton bacon sourdough, and Tomaro's bread.

Appalachian food summitTomatoes were Mortgage Lifer Tomatoes, Hillbilly Yellow Tomatoes, and Cherokee Purple Tomatoes. Mayos were Duke's, herby mayo, and hot fat mayo. Plus JQ Dickinson salt, smoked salt and kosher salt.

Appalachian food summit
I tried an open-faced with the salt-rising and Duke's, then the Buxton and hog fat.

Appalachian food summitAnd there was fritti for dessert, which is like an Italian donut. There were a ton of different sauces. I tried both the sorghum and caramel. That caramel was soo good.

Appalachian food summitAnd there were also roasted veggies to go along with everything.

Appalachian food summitIncluding Baba O'Riley Ganoush and fermented watermelon.

Appalachian food summitAfter a few more sessions, it was time for pickles & zines happy hour.

Appalachian food summitAnd, I ate all the pickles and bought all of the zines.

Appalachian food summitIt was really cool that chefs from all over contributed all sorts of pickled goodies - loved the beets and sour corn!

Appalachian food summitTravelin' Appalachians Revue had some readings, and Keegan Lester is my all-time favorite now!

Appalachian food summitAt this happy hour, they also had flatbreads from Mia Margherita.

Appalachian food summitSo many pickles!

Appalachian food summitSo many zines!

Appalachian food summitAnd now moving onto dinner, we talked a lot about corn and its importance.

Appalachian food summitJust look at this amazing menu!

Appalachian food summit

Chef Amy Dawson - Lost Creek Farm
Salt-rising bread panzanella salad with fall squash, cucumber, baby greens & pickled onion with sourghum vinaigrette.

Appalachian food summitBuckwheat buttermilk black walnut sheet cake with pan-fried apples & whipped cream.

Appalachian food summitChef AuCo Lai - The LEE Initiative in Corbin, Ky
Charred miso eggplant & sushi rice, lotus root kimchi, sweet pickled mustard green

Appalachian food summitChef Kristin M Smith - The Wrigley Taproom & Eatery in Corbin, Ky
Pottliker greens & beans (Old Homestead Farm)

Appalachian food summit
Pork rinds & pimento cheese (Faulkner Bent Farm)

Appalachian food summitChef Pamela DeLaude - Bridgeport Conference Center in Bridgeport
Catfish empanada with yellow pepper sauce

Appalachian food summitSkewered beef hearts with chimichurri sauce and corn relish

Appalachian food summitChef Ashley Capps - Buxton Hall Barbecue in Asheville
Brunswick Stew made with smoked pulled pork, smoked chicken, South Carolina hash & homegrown vegetables

Appalachian food summitHomemade peanut butter crunch

Appalachian food summitDid you go? What was your favorite part?

Appalachian food summit

Appalachian food summit

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