Rolls on the River 2018

By Candace Nelson - 6:54 PM

Rolls on the River

Rolls on the River, which is a fundraiser for Big Brothers Big Sisters of South Central West Virginia, pairs together local pepperoni rolls and craft beer.

Rolls on the RiverThis year, there were seven pepperoni roll vendors:

  • A Step in Time
  • Home Industry Bakery
  • Piggly Wiggly
  • Kroger
  • Pepperoni Grill
  • Mountain Pie
  • Swiftwater Cafe
Rolls on the RiverAnd, Bad Shepherd even brewed a beer with pepperoni: Pat's White Label, with pepperoni and habanero. 

Rolls on the River
I was fortunate to judge alongside Quincy Wilson and Eric Nelson. 

Rolls on the RiverSo let's chat about the pepperoni rolls!

Rolls on the RiverKroger & Piggly Wiggly are a bit of outsiders here. They're grocery stores, rather than bakeries, and the rolls were pre-cut so they got a touch dried out. 

Rolls on the RiverHome Industry is a big-hitter in the pepperoni roll game, especially in the North Central West Virginia area. Always a classic. 

Rolls on the RiverMountain Pie was one of my favorites, with some nice parmesan on top and a side of dipping sauce, too.

Rolls on the RiverA Step In Time came all the way from Harpers Ferry bringing their Mama Jo's Pepperoni Rolls! So delicious.

Rolls on the RiverPepperoni Grill has a deliciously cheesy, savory roll. Plus two sauces - marinara or pizza!

Rolls on the RiverSwiftwater Cafe has a delicious roll, which is a go-to for roadtrips!

1st - Mountain Pie
2nd - Pepperoni Grill
3rd - Swiftwater Cafe
Honorable Mention: A Step In Time
People's Choice: Mountain Pie

Rolls on the RiverAnd, look at these super cute cookies Sugar Momma Sweets made for the event!

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