Clarksburg Edition: Dave's Famous T&L Hot Dogs (Old Bridgeport Hill)

By Candace Nelson - 9:38 PM

T&l hotdogs - Clarksburg

Like I mentioned before, there are a handful of T&L Hot Dogs locations in the North Central WV area. And, I can't leave a list unfinished. So, I made my way to the location on Old Bridgeport /hill.

T&l hotdogs - Clarksburg

This space has a real diner feel with neon lights, checkerboard decor and vinyl booth seating. 

T&l hotdogs - Clarksburg

First, I went for a cookies & cream milkshake. It was really thick, but also pretty good once it loosened up a bit. 

T&l hotdogs - Clarksburg

I went for a hot dog, as one should, and it was pretty consistent with the other T&L versions I've had. The bun is soft, the chili was a bit dry, and the slaw has a more loose consistency - I tend to like a more cohesive, almost paste-like slaw. BUT, overall, a decent hot dog for lunch.

T&l hotdogs - Clarksburg

Grade: B

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