Morgantown Edition: Le Charcutier

By Candace Nelson - 8:33 PM

Le Charcutier

I know that charcuterie is trendy right now, but truth be told, I've always love eating like this. I used to buy a bunch of different small blocks of fancy cheese, some salami, crackers and mustard and call it a day. Now that that concept is amplified to the nth degree with specialty cheeses, delicious condiment, all sorts of fruit, etc., I am so here for it.

Le Charcutier

Le Charcutier is located in Morgantown and offers a weekly charcuterie box that is available to purchase on Wednesday and pick up on Friday. I was really lucky they were willing to work with me on a pick-up date to accommodate when I would be coming through town.

Le Charcutier

This last week's box included truffle cheddar, brie, borgonzola, blueberry vanilla goat cheese, and aged cheddar, plus olives, cornichons, assorted cured meats, nuts, dried fruit, and other accoutrements. The cheeses in this box were the best I've had in a charcuterie box. And, I LOVED the cherries! I never can find cherries locally. All together, delicious.

Grade: A

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