Charleston Edition: A Guy And A Girl Catering

By Candace Nelson - 8:20 PM

A guy & a girl catering

I've mentioned before how exciting it is that during this time of quarantine when more folks are spending time at home, we are seeing a surge in home bakeries and other sort of cottage kitchens. That's how I found A Guy And A Girl Catering

A guy & a girl catering

This local catering company offers a ton of options - from catering events to seasonal offerings to just a few options. The latter is what appealed to me. I didn't have a huge event to cater, but I did have a hungry tummy and a curiosity to check this place out. 

A guy & a girl catering

They have a number of sweets, but they also had two of my favorites: macaroni & cheese and pepperoni rolls. Let's start with the pepperoni rolls - these are definitely some of the better pepperoni rolls I've had. It has a healthy topping of garlic and parmesan that gives it a ton of flavor. Plus a nice marinara dipping sauce. 

A guy & a girl catering

Do I need a giant pan of macaroni and cheese? No. Do I want one? Yes. This is probably a pretty good crowd-pleaser since it's pretty straightforward. I doctored mine up a bit with some more melty cheese, a pinch or two of sugar and some cream. *chef's kiss*

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