Morgantown Edition: Zeke's Breakfast & Bakes

By Candace Nelson - 8:39 PM

Zekes breakfast & bakes

Morgantown always feels like home to me. Like, I spent my young adult years here and truly grew a lot. Part of that growth, I think, is trying new foods. So, whenever I get to come back "home," I'm always excited to try new places.

Zekes breakfast & bakes

Zeke's Breakfast & Bakes
is located on High Street and is slinging coffee, breakfast sandwiches and other goodies. Think breakfast cafe - from some of Charleston's best beverage folks (Apothecary Ale House owner & latte artist).

Zekes breakfast & bakes

The space isn't huge - but it's airy. It's clean, and it's pretty quick. I ordered a bacon, egg and cheese bagel, as well as a latte. The sandwich was tasty - if not just a touch over for me - but the coffee was phenomenal. I'm glad to see a spot with a new twist in this college town. Check out this straight-forward shop to fill your belly and start your day off right.

Grade: A

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