Danville Edition: Mmmm Tropical Sno/Coffee Shop

By Candace Nelson - 8:54 PM

Tropical Sno

There may not be many opportunities to enjoy snow cones while it's weather appropriate (though to me it is honestly always), so I headed south to Danville to check out Mmmm Tropical Sno/Coffee Shop.

Tropical Sno

So they offer the typical snow cone options that are popular around the state with fruity flavors, but they do also sell coffee, so that is a nice alternative to the sweet, cold options. 

Tropical Sno

I ordered a cherry and grape snow cone with this super handy plastic holder that honestly saved my sweater on this day. You can't really go wrong with a snowcone = flavored syrup and ice. But bonus points here for the holder and the drive through and the coffee. Bonus points if they had some extra flavor creations that are unique. 

Grade: B

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