Ripley Edition: Roadhouse 2081

By Candace Nelson - 4:27 PM

Roadhouse 2081

Ripley is home to a new steakhouse: Roadhouse 2081.

Roadhouse 2081

"It all began in 1990 as a family-owned and operated Ponderosa Steakhouse here in Ripley, WV. After the expiration of our contract with Ponderosa in 2020, we decided to update and remodel our building into a new casual family steakhouse named Roadhouse 2081, with the emphasis on "Food, Spirits, and Friends." We have and will always be totally committed to great quality food, impeccable service in a very clean atmosphere! That has been our family way for 31 years and going forward the Roadhouse 2081 way!"

Roadhouse 2081

The building is really lovely; dark wood; rustic but clean and not cluttered. Service was quick, and the colors were reminiscent of fire. 

Roadhouse 2081

The menu features many steakhouse staples like potato skins, prime rib, sirloin and shrimp. For my money, though, I went with the sirloin with sides of veggies and mac & cheese. I liked the extra spices on the sirloin, and the flavor was tasty, but a little overdone for my liking. Just a touch. The mac & cheese and veggies were OK - they could've benefited from some of the seasoning on the steak! 

Grade: B

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