Beckley Edition: Bumbler Bee Baker - The Cake Box

By Candace Nelson - 8:47 PM


While driving through Beckley, I saw The Bumbler Bee Baker - The Cake Box set up alongside the road.


I couldn't resist that sprinkled truck, so I stopped to check out what was up for sale. There were plenty of cupcakes, cinnamon rolls and pepperoni rolls.


The one that stuck out to me, though, was the "What Not Cup." It was a layered dessert with almond cake, cream and strawberry puree. This is really a smart idea for any cupcakes that may not turn out right - just crumble them up for a whole different dessert. And, I liked this even more than a traditional dessert - it's all contained, easier to eat and I get to decide how much of each component I want in each bite. The cream and strawberry were on point. I do think the cake portion was a bit dry, so some moisture there would've made this perfect. 


Grade: B

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