Turnrow Appalachian Farm Collective - New Vendors

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM


I've been ordering goodies from Turnrow on and off for a few years now. I've written about some that I've enjoyed in the past, like baked goods, vegetables, desserts and more. But I wanted to share the long list of vendors that are available - I've ordered from so many of them at this point! 

Abner Kinsinger - Located in Marie, WV. We raise a erse egg laying flock. Our chickens are fed only Certified Organic or Non-GMO/Soy Free feed. In West Virginia you are sure to find Kinsinger family farm a place of interest. With free range chickens producing quality grade eggs. From farm to table you can see the care this farm delivers.

Abundant Acres - Nestled inside the mountains of West Virginia is our farm, producing the abundantly. With 20 years of farming, from produce to livestock Abundant Acres is a farm-to-table experience. You will find cattle, chickens, and turkeys all organically fed, pastured, and free range. Mums and produce of many varieties to choose. This farm is your place of many delightful finds.

Appalachian Orchard Co. - Appalachian Orchard Company is a family run business that is steeped in history and tradition with an updated face and a young progressive management team guided by long time orchardist and owner Michael Orr. Located in Almost Heaven, West Virginia apples are grown and packed by both third and fourth generation family members. The Orr family began raising fruits and vegetables in the 1930’s. Four subsequent generations have continued to plant orchards in the scenic Blue Ridge mountains. In 1955 George S. Orr, Jr. bought his first 97-acre orchard and that orchard has grown and changed over the years into the 550-acre orchard that is the present-day Appalachian Orchard Company. 2018 saw the installation of a new packing facility and with it comes great anticipation of bringing high quality and delicious apples to our customers both near and far. In the 75+ years that the Orr Family has been growing, packing and marketing fruit, each generation continues to move forward and embrace technology while holding strong to their valued heritage. The sixth generation is watching and learning, and everyone at Appalachian Orchard Company is excited about their future in the fruit growing industry.

Arbaugh Farms - Arbaugh Farm is our families home place, originally purchased by my great-grandfather in 1925. Our overarching purpose is to conserve what was built by previous generations and maintain the land for future generations. Just about everything has been raised here over the years, but currently we focus on cattle, sorghum, and Non-GMO, open pollinated heirloom corn varieties. In addition to the crops we raise, our farm houses a 20" stone burr mill where we grind cornmeal, grits, and buckwheat flour. We strive to produce the highest quality cornmeal, grits, and flours possible. Currently, we do not process any other types of grain/seed with our mill.

Aroma of the Andes
- Aroma of the Andes is owned and operated by the Brown Family. Their coffee farm, Finca La Despensa, is located in the Andes Mountains of Colombia, South America outside a small town called Supatá. There they grow 6,500 environmentally friendly coffee trees. Enjoy shade grown, hand picked, sun dried coffee you will love! [I've had coffee beans from here that are tasty!]

Back Pocket Provisions - We're Back Pocket Provisions, a social enterprise based in Richmond, VA. Our mission is to make life more delicious, healthy, honest, and fun by helping small farms succeed. We work with farmers across Virginia to turn delicious-but-ugly fruits and vegetables into the best Bloody Mary mix anywhere. It's one way we support a local food system that's better for farmers, consumers, and communities. We start all of our mixes with ripe heirloom tomatoes, then blend them with other fresh ingredients into three different recipes. Bloody Brilliant is our take on the classic. Fresh tomato juice with horseradish, Worcestershire sauce, and cayenne pepper. Bloody Baja is a Southwest-style mix. Fresh tomato juice with Certified Organic sweet corn, jalapeno, garlic, and smoked cumin and paprika. Vegan and perfect for micheladas and Bloody Marias. Bloody Bangkok is inspired by Southeast Asian flavors. For those who want a little umami in their Mary! Fresh tomato juice blended with red chilies, lemongrass, galangal, and a touch of fish sauce.

Barbour Farms - Our farm is located off of Jesse Fork Road up on the hill of Saint Albans. Practices - Our farm practices try as best as possible to implement permaculture production, and organic methods to reduce waste and produce a product that we can be be proud of. All of our pesticides are organic and non toxic. (Surround WP, Neem Oil, BT, and other non harmful methods) We produce Maple Syrup, Honey, Greens, and other crops within our hightunnel and small gardens.

Bethlehem Farm 
- Bethlehem Farm is a Catholic Community in Alderson, WV that transforms lives through service with the local community and the teaching of sustainable practices. We have a large sustainable garden, laying hens, and bees on our Farm. Practices - Bethlehem Farm uses no chemicals in farm production. We use composts, amendments, and a low-till system to enrich soil health and ensure the most health benefits from our crop.

Big Branch Farm
- Big Branch farm is located in the beautiful town of Alderson, West Virginia raising organically grown vegetables and flowers. Practices - Organic

Bigfoot Mountain 
- We’re a small veteran owned farm in Monroe County, WV. We have a small but well established apiary, an orchard that should be producing within a few years, and a small flock of chickens of many varieties that give us a steady supply of rainbow eggs. We’re close enough to the old Salt Sulphur hotel that our well water sometimes smells of sulphur - which we consider a bonus since people used to come by horse-drawn coach to take advantage of its restorative qualities.

Blue Acre Aquaponics - Blue Acre Aquaponics is a new business located in Kermit, WV. We produce high-quality products that are grown without the use of herbicides, pesticides, or fertilizers in our state of the art greenhouse and aquaponic system. We maintain a climate-controlled environment that promotes the ideal growing conditions for year-long production, and improved quality and taste.

Blue Ray Ranch 
- Blue Ray Ranch is a unique 100 acre holistically-managed farm in beautiful Monroe County, WV. Upon a visit to our farm, you enjoy a gobble greeting from our Royal Palm turkeys while our happy herd of goats welcome you with a baa! Gazing upon the rolling hills, you see a joyful flock of heritage chickens roaming freely across 10 acres of open land. You might catch a glimpse of a few of our chickens hanging out with our calming herd of equine therapy horses and donkeys. Upon the rolling karst, the land above is spotted with our grass-finished herd of Murray Grey and Black Angus cattle. When night falls, our chickens head back to their roomy mobile coop. We move the coop regularly throughout the pasture which helps to fertilize the land.

Blue Star Healing Arts - Herbs and vegetables are grown in a high tunnel at Sprouting Farms in Talcott, WV using organic practices.

Burnham & Norris Family Farms
- Presently we have 2 family farms, one in Smithfield, VA and the other in Alderson, WV. We specialize in Alliums with our GARLIC GOURMET offerings (garlic, leeks, elephant garlic, onions...). We also grow peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, spinach, turnips, squash and other summer veggies.

Cozy Hollow Farm 
- Located in Monroe County West Virginia,Cozy Hollow is a small homestead farm of 25 acres. We specialize in raising Alpine Dairy Goats. We sell the Goats to Dairies and Show herds as well as a family milker. I make moisturizing Goat milk Soap. We sell fresh eggs from our pasture range Chickens, also fresh produce, herbs & fruit from our garden. We also sell baskets which I weave and Wool ornaments: Angles, Sheep, Lambs and Snowmen. For my family I Spin, Weave, and make cheeses.

Crago Country Farm
- Allen Crago's ancestors have owned this property since the 1850s- before West Virginia was its own state! It hadn't been farmed in decades, but we (Allen and Kelly) were determined to agriculturally re-form the land. It's a constant work in progress, as farming tends to be, but we're making headway. Our original (and still foremost) goal was to provide for our family and live as sustainably as possible. In recent years, we've been able to expand in order to serve our local community with small-farm pork, chicken, eggs, produce, baked goods, and canned items. We're hoping to continue our growth this year, namely with a wider variety of meat. We sell from our home by appointment, at the Putnam Farmers Market, and most recently here on Turnrow.

Creasy Jane's 
- Creasy Jane's operates as an incubator farmer at Sprouting Farms in Talcott, WV. Creasy Jane's cultivates herbs and vegetables. Creasy Jane's sales herbal teas, salves, facial scrubs, and other products made with the herbs and vegetables grown on the farms.

Daniels Maple Syrup 
- Daniels Maple Products and Daniels Maple Syrup are locally owned family businesses owned by Brandon & Janelle Daniels. Brandon started making syrup in his early teens and God has blessed him to be able to continue the tradition for over 25 years. We are also assisted in our operation by both our children Braden & Brooke who are learning more each year to be able to continue the tradition of producing only the finest maple syrup available. We also have other helpers that include Roger Heaster, Clarence Daniels, Kenson Hansard, Dave Daniels and Drew Daniels. We are blessed to be able to tap trees on 4 properties and we have 1,000 taps on CDL 3/16" natural flow vacuum. Maple syrup is very labor intensive and it takes approximately 50 gallons of pure maple sap to make one gallon of maple syrup. Nothing is added to the sap, it is just boiled away leaving 1 gallon of pure WV Maple syrup that contains many natural vitamins and minerals. Our syrup is organically produced and is all natural and pure maple syrup is over 99% natural sucrose and has a low glycemic index. This allows it to also be enjoyed by diabetics in smaller quantities.

Double K Farms 
- My husband and I have moved back to my families 100 acre farm to learn everything we can from my parents and extended family. We are also trying to make a list of everything for our children and nieces so nothing of our Appalachian heritage is lost. Practices - We are trying to reclaim the old ways and incorporate new more organic healthy ways like not using pesticides on our produce and pasture raising our meat and egg layers.

Eagles Landing Farm, LLC
- Eagles Landing Farm is a newly established veteran owned, small family farm focused on producing natural and healthy food while treating the land and livestock with respect. Located just a few miles north of Lewisburg in the scenic Greenbrier Valley, we pasture and forest raise heritage breed pork and pasture raised poultry for meat and eggs. Our vegetable offerings are an outgrowth of our large family garden; both surplus and plantings specifically for the market. We eat the same food we sell - while striving to produce healthy, contented animals; fertile, sustainable land; and healthy, nourishing food using holistic family-friendly farming methods. Our goal is to always be good stewards of the land and the animals under our care.

Five Rivers Cooperative 
- The Five Rivers Initiative is a movement within Nicholas County, WV that hopes to bring a much needed economic boost to the area. This initiative involves farming and farm-related employment.

Fresh Flours 
- Fresh Flours is a bakery located in Lewisburg specializing in pies, quiches, granola, unique pastries, shortbread, quick breads, slow cooked apple butter and apple sauce, sourdough breads, and more. [They have delicious desserts!]

Fuhrmann Orchard

G&G Heritage Farm
- G & G Heritage Farm is a small veteran owned farm in Putnam County that produces eggs, fruits, vegetables, herbs, homemade jams, jellies, and other value added products. We use old school traditional farming methods passed down from our grandparents that we are passing down to the next generation. All of our products are GMO-Free and we do not use any chemicals on our land or products. We are not organic certified, but we employ many organic practices. Our chickens and ducks are raised as family. Like our children they each have their own distinct personality.

Gaea Farm 
- Gaea Farm is a 20 acre homestead located at 2700 ft. on Peter's Mountain. The farmstead dates back to the mid-1800s and has been organically managed for the past 20+ years. The farm was USDA certified through the 1990s. We, the Koenig family: Doug, April, Guy and Spencer, took ownership in 2016. We believe food is medicine and the ability to feed oneself off your land is true freedom. However, when we have an abundance anything we wish to share that with all of you. We have a family milk cow which has become the cornerstone of the farm. She provides food for us, as well as the other livestock. She and her calf are only on grass with the only exception being she gets non-gmo whole corn and crimped barley at the milking stand. We then make cheese, butter, kefir, yogurt, etc. from the milk and the excess or whey is used to soak barley and corn which supplements the pasture for the hogs and chickens. We also have geese and turkeys for seasonal met production. We also have a small high tunnel, but most of our growing comes in the form of perennials. We have peaches, plums, pears, apples, various berries, asparagus, rhubarb, horseradish, various herbs (culinary and medicinal), ramps, hops, vineyard, and we grow some annual carrots, tomatoes, potatoes, garlic, etc.

Good Horse Scents, LLC 
- Good Horse Scents, LLC. sits on the 33 acres of Golden-Aire Farm in Milton, WV. This is where we have raised our family, garden, and horses for RCTRC.org (a equine therapy facility since 1994). We are located in Milton, WV just 3.5 miles off of I-64. We began making soap and natural body products due to food intolerance that Connie developed (2011). We wanted to use botanicals, clays and herbs to provide amazing soothing and cleansing benefits. We loved that we could change the lather - make it more bubbly with sugars, honey, beer and wine or make it lotion like with Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, and Mango Butter. We loved that we could use locally raised pig fat - i.e. Lard or beef fat - i.e. Tallow. We have been raising many of the herbs and botanicals here. In 2019 we became part of the West Virginia Grown Program, which was a huge deal for us. We make 11 Foundation Bar Soaps; a total of 35 soaps that are made - some seasonally - some specific to our wholesale accounts - all are artisan and made in West Virginia. We also handcraft bath bombs, shower fizzles, lotions, balms, salves, shampoo bars, conditioner bars, botanical bath teas, essential oil scented bath salts, natural deodorants, beard balms and beard oils. We have something for most everyone. Our Jewelweed soap has been sold all around the US and our Appalachian Outdoor Lotion and Sprays have been amazingly popular too! We teach classes on wildcrafting, making herbal/botanical preparations including syrups and tinctures. We also tach how to make soap. If you have questions, ask!

Greenville Farm Kitchen 
- The Greenville Farm Kitchen is a small but growing nonprofit FDA-certified processing kitchen in Monroe County, WV. We operate under Sprouting Farms Corp, a four-season non-profit farm and educational resource center. Our processors are trained in their craft, proud of their work, and personally motivated to ensure our products are of the highest possible quality. We’re proud to be part of a local food value chain that brings fresh, in-season fruits and vegetables from family and community farms to West Virginia customers.

Gritt's Midway Greenhouse - Family Owned & Operated since 1944; We are a family owned and operated greenhouse and garden center that serves the tri-state area with a large selection of indoor and seasonal outdoor plants as well as hydroponic tomatoes, cucumbers, and lettuce. We are open year-round at our store front location in Midway, WV just outside of the town of Eleanor, WV. We also have an outdoor booth at the Charleston Capitol Market on Smith Street from March-October each year. Our products are sold throughout West Virginia, and parts of Ohio, Kentucky, and some areas of Virginia. For more information about wholesale, click HERE or call our office at 304.586.2449

Grounded: Earth's Kitchen & Teas - Grounded: Earth’s Kitchen and Tea are organically-sourced herbal and tea blends handcrafted by Certified Nutrition Specialist and Herbalist Stephanie Lanham. Stephanie is a West Virginia native inspired by her love of nature and holistic healing to create tea blends for pleasure and therapeutic purposes, helping her community reconnect back to nature through a warm cup of tea. Grounded started as a side project under Stephanie’s holistic nutrition coaching company, Rediscover Health, but bloomed within her community to become its own separate business. She prefers partnering with local companies and entrepreneurs in the mission to health resources for her community.

Grow Ohio Valley - Grow Ohio Valley is building a food system in which farmers flourish and local & healthy food is a way of life. Our goal is two-fold: to improve the health and the economic future of our region. A robust and sustainable local food system, built by and for the community, can impact both of these areas. Grown out of an afterschool urban gardening program in our East Wheeling neighborhood, GrowOV now supports over 40 full-time jobs in our area. Beyond our own operations, we are building a network of small farm and food businesses, equipping them with all they need to build lasting success.
Through our work we strive to foster a community that celebrates and shares the food that it produces.

High Rocks - The mission of the High Rocks is to educate, empower and inspire young people in West Virginia. We believe that all people are gifted and that by investing in young people, we are creating a strong, vibrant, participatory community for us all. We want to provide pathways out of poverty for our youth, giving them viable options for success in their home communities and abroad. We envision sustainable local economies that take advantage of our rich human and natural resources. We seek to inspire a culture of learning in our area that prepares rural Appalachian youth with the skills and ideas to drive change locally and on the national stage.
Hillbilly Farms - Hillbilly Farms is a Brick-and-Mortar Farmers Market located in Southern WV. Hillbilly Farms was created to provide WV with the freshest fruits and vegetables as possible. Along with the store, Hillbilly Farms also has hydroponics systems so they can go year round and continue to produce fresh local products.

Hope's Harvest Farm - Hope’s Harvest Farm LLC was created in 2019 after the completion of our High Tunnel Construction and the beginning of my retirement from my 41 years of working off the farm
The farm of 57 acres near Southside in Mason County WV has been in our family 51 years and we have had continuous gardens here providing for our family and friends. It is a mixture of flat farmland and hillside forest providing good vegetable production and also a bountiful opportunity for our small sugar bush operation for our Maple Syrup passion. We produce vegetables from open gardening and our 30 by 96 foot High Tunnel. We sell at Farmers Markets in Putnam Co and St Albans and other consignment locations. We invested in a Maple Sap Wood Fired Arch and Stainless Steel pan in 2020 which produces a beautiful rich flavored WV syrup. This Arch is fired with seasoned Wood which is harvested on the property. We do not use a Reverse Osmosis system to concentrate the raw sap. We Boil off naturally in the evaporator all excess water from the sap (40 gallon of sap to produce 1 gallon of syrup) which takes longer but is our preferred method. The farm also has an active apiary and our honeybees are always busy in season helping pollinate the fruit and vegetable crops on the farm.

JarHead Farms - JarHead Farm, the name is a play on words, a Jarhead (Marine) jarring (home canning) homemade jams and jellies in (Mason) jars. 100% Veteran labor. 100% Veteran owned. JarHead Farms is a father-daughter team. Stan served as an ASA (Army Security Agency) Specialist-6 during the Vietnam era maintaining listening post equipment. Natasha is a retired Marine Corps combat correspondent. Together they now grow sustainable, healthy, American food, specializing in native and heirloom varieties, co-planting, and permaculture. Stan and Natasha began their family farming on a small homestead in Mineral County WVa in the seventies. Natasha spent high school summers working with her great grandma on the family's vegetable farm - Knickerbocker Farm in Michigan. After military retirement followed by a career in plumbing and welding, Natasha returned to West Virginia. JarHead Farms is an incubator enterprise at Sprouting Farms. We arrived there armed with ambition and drive, and very little farm management skills, we would have reinvented every wheel without the help and education from Sprouting Farms! From equipment to production planning, from pest identification to soil remediation, and so many details in between, Sprouting Farms has been essential in our success! We had no idea how much we did not know about farming. The team at Sprouting Farms has been there at our side every step of the way, teaching and leading by example.

John Crihfield Farms & Greenhouses - John Crihfield Farms & Greenhouses is a Christian based, family-owned and operated business nestled in rural Roane County, WV. Founder John Crihfield, began farming in 1952, with his father on their small family farm in Jackson County, WV. In 1959, John married the love of his life, Delphia. Together they bought their first 180-acre tract of land and began farming. Soon their farm would grow to more than 600 acres with their family growing with it. John and Delphia had six children, three boys and three girls, and have passed down the farming tradition to both their children and grandchildren. Though he had been helping all his life, in 1996, John’s youngest son Tim officially began helping his father manage the farming operations. Then in 2004, John’s son Andy returned home to the farm and became part of the farming operation as well. With more help they were able to expand the business and begin growing flowers and vegetable plants. In late 2018, John went home to be with his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Now John and Delphia’s sons, Tim and Andy manage the farms operations and have helped them add various new products for our customers to enjoy. Until 2020, they had been leasing about 130 acres of premium crop land in Meigs County, OH. However, in 2021, they were able to finally purchase their very own 94 acres of land and have begun to build their own store front also in Meigs County, OH. Here they will grow all of their edible vegetable and fruits products. Today, the business has grown to include ten greenhouses and over six hundred acres of farmland both located at their Roane County, WV farm and 94 acres of crop land at their Meigs County, OH farm. Their products are seeded, germinated, planted and grown at their West Virginia farm, then transplanted into the ground, cared for and eventually harvested at their Ohio farm. Once ready to market, their products will be transported and sold from early April through the end of October at the Capitol Market in Charleston, WV.

Jordan Ridge Farm
- Jordan Ridge Farm is a small farm located on 250 acres of pasture and woodlands in Kanawha County, West Virginia. It consists of a young orchard, apiary, sugar bush, vegetable gardens and livestock. Heritage breed hogs are raised on pasture and woodlands where they forage for roots and nuts and graze on fresh grass. They are fed non-gmo, non-certified organic grains free of hormones, anti-biotics and medications. Seasonally their diet is supplemented with pumpkins, apples, acorns, squash, zucchini, tomatoes and other extras from our garden. Poultry includes a diverse flock of chicken breeds allowed to free range during the day in the company of two guardian geese for predator protection and are locked up at night. Heritage breed turkeys and Khaki Campbell ducks keep them company as well. All are supplemented with non-gmo, non-certified organic grains free of hormones, anti-biotics and medications. Drinking water is supplemented with oregano oil for its natural anti-biotic properties and to build immune systems and garlic to prevent/control parasites. Cornish X Rock are raised for meat chickens and arrive on the farm a day or two after hatching where they spend 2-3 weeks in a brooder before moving to a portable chicken tractor where they are on fresh grass and moved daily. This provides them the ability to eat insects and move around in the grass while still giving them protection from predators. They are given non-gmo, non-certified organic grains free of hormones, anti-biotics and medications. The birds are processed and packed humanely on farm. Finished birds average 4-6 lbs.

Kelly's Persian Food 
- Currently located in Lewisburg, West Virginia, Kelly's Persian Food has a Persian/Middle Eastern cuisine, the variety of bakery, pickles, syrup, snacks, and baked food.

Kilmer's Farm Market 
- Derek Lewis Kilmer, owner of Kilmer’s Farm Market has a rich family history that afforded him the opportunity to bring fruit growing and selling into the 21st century. While Derek’s great grandfather was a farmer, dairy man and small fruit grower, it was his grandfather, Charles W. Lewis who is acknowledged for his legacy of professional, dedicated, and superior fruit growing. At the time of his death in 1986, Charles and his wife Wanda continued ownership, and operations of 500 acres in Orchard Estates. Wanda’s daughter (Derek’s mom), Carolyn Lewis Kilmer acted as manager of the orchard; taking ownership of the packing, and storage area of the business. Derek’s father, John Kilmer continued wholesale of the packed peaches, and apples. Derek returned from college to the family farm in 2003, and began finding his niche by opening the “little red barn “farmers market. He expanded by opening a second location in a neighboring county, and by participating in the Washington DC metro area farmers market. In 2007, he began delivering apples to schools in Jefferson County WV. At first, Derek was hesitant to take on this additional responsibility, but the closing of the highway in front of his market pushed him to end his retail business, and try something new. What Derek did not know is that he would be hitting an industry trend at the exact right time. In 2008, things like “Farm to School “, “Farm to Institution “and “Farm to Table” started to become popular, and the” Local Food” movement began. During the next 8 years, Derek would see dramatic growth in sales, and he would expand the family farm by growing fruits and vegetables other than the traditional peaches and apples of the past. Derek’s parents retired in 2012, leaving him the opportunity for the transition into a broader scope of the industry. Today, Kilmer’s services schools in 10 different counties in WV, 2 counties in VA, numerous charter schools in the DC Metro area, both non-profit and for profit organizations in the DC Metro, and the Martinsburg Veterans Administration Hospital. Kilmer’s maintains a community outreach by donations of produce to children’s programs in school, and the classroom, local food banks, and various other charities.

Laurelwood Farm 
- Laurelwood Farm is nestled in the mountains of Union, WV. Our Mission is to provide wholesome, nutritious meat to our community while protecting and nurturing the part of the earth we steward. We strive very hard to provide an organic product to our customers but since we do not want to jump through the hoops of Government, we are a non-certified organic farm.

LeJa Produce, LLC 
- LeJa Produce is a small micro-farm located in Hurricane, West Virginia. The land has been in the family since the early 1900's. The original farm was almost 250 acres, most of the acreage was either sold or bartered off over the years. Today the farm is a micro-farm of almost three acres. Land that once grew tobacco and corn is now home to blackberries, blueberries, raised beds and high tunnels. Grandfather Handley grew all the summer veggies with much being canned for the winter by Grandmother Handley. Gene, as a child, would accompany his grandfather to sell produce door to door in St. Albans, Hurricane and surrounding areas. Today Gene works the land with his wife, Janis, children and grand children. Gene also maintains an active apiary. The honey is a popular item at the farmer's market.
LeJa Produce sells produce direct, to local restaurants, at farmer's markets and CSA's.

Manchins Greenhouse - Aeroponic Tower Farm Greenhouse & Market Located at 4614 Maccorkle Ave. SE Charleston, WV Kanawha County - Indoor vertical grow no pesticides, chemicals or outdoor pollutants
Grow from Organic Seed , NGMO and USDA Certified seeds; Use nutrients and water only. The only way to grow 365 days a year!

Milligan Creek Farms - Milligan Creek Farms is a family operation from every perspective. We are a husband-wife team and manage a 100+ head mommy-daddy-baby cattle farm, where the steers grow up surrounded by their sibings and parents on the land on which they were born. Nature's way.
At Milligan Creek Farms, our beef animals are born on the farm and raised on grass and hay to their ideal beef weight, typically two years of age. By managing our purebred Angus and Scottish Highland cows and bulls, we can provide 100% Angus, 100% Highland, or our popular High-Angus (cross) beef. With their long horns and long coats of red, black, and dun, the Highland offer more than striking good looks, yielding a lean beef and a large ribeye steak. Angus are known nationally to produce quality beef, and less well known for their inquisitive nature and fondness for a good rub on the head. Located in the scenic Richlands area just west of Lewisburg, WV, we offer natural, grass-fed lean beef by the cut straight from the farm. Always free of added growth hormones, steroids, unnecessary antibiotics and animal-by-product feeds, our beef is processed with USDA-approvals and aged for three weeks.

Moonstruck Maple 
- Nestled on top of the mountains of New River Gorge; Moonstruck Maple creates the highest quality gourmet maple infusions and award winning pure maple syrup. This is a family collaboration of running sweet maple water through untamable woods in the steep Appalachian’s of southern West Virginia; of late, work-filled nights in winter-tinged spring, feeding the flames to cook the syrup; and of summertime visits to the local markets putting smiles on faces when they first taste our purely wild product. There is nothing we like more than providing the community with delicious, high quality, local and sustainable products.

New Roots Community Farm - This project offers access to locally grown food, an opportunity for businesses to begin or expand farming operations, vocational training for farmers, community garden space, and a local food distribution site. Whether you are a farmer, aspiring farmer, consumer, resident, visitor, young or old – the New Roots Community Farm has something to offer you. This farm is rooted in local tradition, heritage, and history. For generations, the property has been used for agricultural endeavors and we aim to continue this tradition. In 2016, the Whitlock Farm was purchased by the Fayette County Farmland Protection Board. In 2019 work began at the farm to preserve the land for agricultural use and create opportunities to advance the food and farm economy in Fayette County. We changed the name to New Roots Community Farm and re-branded the project to reflect our values.

One Chop Farms - At One Chop Farms we apply all biodynamic practices to our production.

Owl Mountain Farm 
- The name Owl Mountain Farm might be new, but the farm has been in my family for three generations. Although I have shifted the focus of the farm and I have instituted organic practices, I still plant my grandfather's favorite heirloom tomato variety in the same ground that he cultivated to honor his work and his memory. Currently we offer chicken and duck eggs, organic produce, honey, and a wide variety of baked good and preserves through our onsite subsidiary Snork's Kitchen.

Paradise Farms - Paradise Farms is a GAP Certified, workforce development and agricultural training site for women in recovery and individuals returning home from prison. Our facility is compiled of two 96'x 30' greenhouses; one is for hydroponic growing and the other is equipped with hydroponic towers and raised beds. Along with the greenhouses are 41 raised beds for outdoor growing which allows us to diversify our growing efforts. We have been in production since 2012 and are continually looking to improve.

Pop Up Kitchen - My name is Holly McCallister, and I am a Mom, Granny, Chef, Business owner, and Fairybossmother! I am a proud born and raised West Virginian from Greenbrier County to the Westside of Charleston and food has always been my passion. From the time I was a little girl I remember helping my grandmothers and mother in the kitchen and as I grew older I utilized what I learned to make all kinds of different things for my friends and family and playing "restaurant" was one of my favorite activities. I remember once getting into a lot of trouble for taking my Granny's good dished down to the creek where I had set up a creek side diner...lol. Right after high school I started traveling around the country, meeting people from different parts of the world, learning about their cultures and experimenting with different food and soon realized the kitchen is where my heart lives. I believe food can bring people together, it is a great way to learn about people and their cultures, and that most disputes can be solved over a great meal. I am firm believer in all aspects of healing with food and Utilizing our local farmers, producers and resources; supporting our local economies; and educating people on where their food comes from and how to grow their own. After spending the summer in Lewisburg, I became inspired by the ability to tap into the local resources here through the local farmers markets and I'm currently working on a permanent location in the Greenbrier Valley area so I can expand my catering business to include lunch and dinner delivery during the week and brunch on Sunday as well as a retail market where I can showcase our amazing artisans, craftspeople and of course our farmers and other producers. I am so excited to be selling on Turnrow once again and can't wait to bring you more deliciousness in the future.

Rainbow Farm - Rainbow Farm is a very diversified, family-owned farm tucked away in Sandstone, West Virginia. We offer sustainably-raised pastured chickens, eggs, goats, and fruits and vegetables, in addition to gluten-free baked good. Pasture raised poultry is the largest enterprise on the farm. We raise Cornish Rock cross chickens seasonally from May till mid November. Chickens are raised from day old and are processed on the farm. Starting at two weeks of age, chickens are moved onto pasture and housed in moveable pens that provide full access to pasture while protecting the chickens from predators. Every morning each pen is moved to allow for access to fresh forage. The chickens receive a grain ration consisting of corn, soy, oats, fish meal, limestone, Fertrell Nutribalancer, and kelp. The chickens never receive any medications/antibiotics or growth stimulants/hormones. Processing occurs on the farm to minimize stress due to transportation. In addition to a wide variety of frozen chicken product, fresh chicken can be purchased on the farm for a discounted price. Check out our website for the next scheduled processing. Our laying hens are Golden Comets. They are housed is a mobile coop and are allowed to free range in our pastures. We use poultry netting around the coop to protect them from predators and we move the coop weekly to a new area.

Rainbow's End Farm - Rainbow's End Farm is a diversified small farm. We raise heritage breed Red Wattle Hog Pork on pasture and mountainside where they can forage a good part of their diet. Our pigs are born and raised on our farm and are well known for producing flavorful pork considered some of the best in the world. Let them out to forage their diet on nuts and fresh grasses, and you have some truly amazing pork. We sell all cuts including the usual as well as a variety of sausage flavors and will also sell half and whole shares of pork. Our pork products contain no nitrates or MSG and all of our animal's feed is antibiotic and hormone free. We raise pastured poultry for meat and hens loose foraging for eggs. The broilers we raise are Freedom Rangers..a European broiler noted for the excellent flavor and texture as well as their ability to truly forage and not just sit and eat at the feeder. Our hens produce excellent eggs as they are free to roam and supplement their diet with whatever they find or catch.

Refresh Appalachia - Refresh Appalachia was founded in 2015 as an agriculture-focused enterprise of Coalfield Development Corporation. Like all the social enterprises of Coalfield, we aim to operate like a business but also to provide services in ways and places that aren’t being being served by the private sector. We work to build our own thriving food and farm businesses, but also to strengthen other farmers throughout the region. We provide training, market access, and distribution services for farmers. We strive to make healthy food more accessible in our communities by creating new market outlets that serve low- and middle-income people. We measure our success by the “triple bottom line”: people, planet and profit. And because we are a nonprofit, all our earnings cycle back into supporting our crew members and serving our communities. Our crews, our farms and our food hub all play an integral role in advancing our “triple bottom line” objectives. West Edge Factory (Wayne County) - Our West Edge urban farm is a year-round diversified vegetable farm located at the West Edge Factory in the Westmoreland neighborhood of Huntington. Our facilities include two repurposed high tunnels, an indoor microgreens room, and multiple cold storage rooms and a loading dock for our food hub. We often hold public workshops at this location on topics ranging from high tunnel production to wholesale grading to microgreens production. Williamson (Mingo County) - In partnership with the Williamson Health and Wellness Center, we are developing a large hydroponic greenhouse on the roof of the former Legion building in downtown Williamson. This greenhouse will produce a variety of leafy green products that will supply the local food market in Williamson in addition to our regional food hub. Fort Gay Agriculture Facility (Wayne County) - Currently in development, the Fort Gay Agriculture Facility will be operated by the Wayne County Farmers Cooperative, Refresh Appalachia, and potentially Wayne County Schools students. Our partnership is currently developing multiple high tunnels on the property of the old Fort Gay elementary school. Area farmers will be able to drop off their produce, have it processed and stored as necessary. The facility will operate as a pick up point for Refresh Appalachia, ACCESS WV and other entities to deliver products to appropriate markets with a warehouse space and a loading dock. Mobile Poultry Processing Program (Southern West Virginia) - In partnership with the West Virginia Farmer’s Market Association, we offer poultry processing services for regional producers. For a small fee, we provide a fully-outfitted mobile processing trailer, expertise, and staff to assist regional producers in processing their poultry.

Riffle Farms - Grass-fed American bison meat. A veteran-owned small business operation tucked in the wild and wonderful mountains of West Virginia.

Shagbark Seed & Mill 
- Shagbark Seed & Mill has been offering Single-Source, Ohio-grown, Certified Organic Heirloom Grain, and Dry Beans since 2010. We are committed to connecting our region's family farms with restaurants, schools, bakeries, and home kitchens. And because we grind to order, we know you will taste the difference! We are Certified Organic (by OEFFA). Farming under Organic Certification means active crop rotations, no petro-chemicals, no GMO seeds, and agricultural practices that build soil, support healthy ecosystems, and protect water. Our rock-bottom pricing to school and community food access programs make it possible to bring good food to school meals and food pantries. Strong communities, clean water, healthy soil, good company, and great eating... Join us in the Staple Food Revolution!

Simms Farms 
- We are a small family farm located in Fayette Co. WV. We are located just minutes from the New River Gorge Bridge. We have Angus Limousine cross cattle and are introducing some Simmental into the cross. We raise Kathadin sheep.

Smoke Camp Crafts
- Smoke Camp Crafts runs a farm-based business as a vehicle for preserving biodiversity and empowering community members to realize their potential as producers. We currently save seeds and promote the spread of native populations of plants on Smoke Camp Crafts' land and the land of other growers that we work with. A small pay-what-you-can-afford farm stand offering plants, seeds and produce for sale to help other growers get started, an urban botanical garden and herb library, the annual purchase of dandelions and other herbs from local harvesters, and the employment of six full-time farm workers are a few ways Smoke Camp Crafts is inspiring and supporting the community it operates in. We are inspired daily by our founder Dot Mongillion. [I've had lots of interesting jellies from here]

Snorks Kitchen - Snork's Kitchen is a subsidiary of Owl Mountain Farm. My grandmother Ruth, for whom the business is named, learned to forage from her grandmother, an Irish immigrant who fed her family with what she was able to find in the West Virginia hills. I've learned many things from my grandmother and among them were foraging, canning and baking. We make everything on site and from scratch. We offer a variety of bread and sweets made with the simplest ingredients. We also offer a few old fashioned candies, but our focus has always been on preserves. My grandmother and I cherish our time making preserves and we hope you will cherish our creations. [I've had some really creative jellies from here!]

Sprouting Farms - Sprouting Farms Appalachian Croft and Training Center is a non-profit farm training center located in Summers County WV. We believe that long-lasting impact is created by training new farms in quality and sustainable production techniques, and providing shared resources and educational opportunities to the whole farm community. Our programs focus on providing farmers solid business management and production skills along with hands-on apprenticeship, mentorship, and the land and resources necessary to launch, experiment, and refine their farm businesses. [Also the Apprentice Market Garden]

Sugar Bottom Farm - Sugar Bottom Farm is a Disabled Veteran, First Generation, Family Farm. Firstly, we are a one stop shop for all things Honey bees. We sell Nucs, Packages, and Queens in Season and Honey all year. We provide free training in both lecture and hands on at our farm. Secondly, we’re a small commercial vegetable farm. We basically grow a salad bar to include watermelon. Our primary customer has been through the UDSA’s Farm to School program.

Swift Level Fine Meats - Swift Level holds 152 acres of rolling land abundant with native forages on a rich limestone seam. Located 3.5 miles west of Lewisburg, the farm was the 2014 District Conservation Farm of the Year. 2014 2nd Place WV Conservation Farm. Owned and operated by Tootie Jones, nominated to WV Women in Agriculture 2015. Swift Level Beef is all grass finished (no grain fed to cattle), Certified Greenbrier Valley Grown, and non certified organic. Tootie is G.A.P. Trained. (Good Agricultural Practices) Swift Level offers educational programs on sustainable farming, forage management and traditional meat practices, including butchery, charcuterie and marketing. It is a lovely historic farm available for private groups, farm to fork and historic period dinners and a variety of very creative events. We highly encourage all ages to visit the farm, animals, star gaze and enjoy cook outs in the pasture! Swift Level is a family operated farm run by myself and my two children.

T L Fruits and Vegetables - Small fruit and vegetable farm located near Organ Cave. Peaches, plums, pears, apples, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries are a sample of some of the fruits grown. Culinary herbs, lettuces, and greens are grown in a hoop house, in raised beds, and in a hydroponic system. A large variety of vegetables are grown throughout the year.

Twin Beech Farm - We moved to West Virginia in 1977, from Pennsylvania. We own a beautiful 43 acre farm in Greenbrier County and our farm borders Summers County. We were young when we arrived here and slowly rebuilt our house, our farm and we raised our three girls. Paul, who has a degree in Horticulture, worked as Builder/Contractor and I am a RN and worked for years in Home Health. We were gradually working our way into retirement when the Pandemic occurred and pushed us into retirement quickly. We have worked together for years and love having a shared project, so we decided to buy a high tunnel and grow vegetables and flowers. We are really excited to be part of West Virginia's growers providing farm fresh local produce to our community.

Utopia Wellness - Boho Spa Unconditional Healing Center is owned and operated by Courtney Tackett; BA, LE, CRP and Olivia Hairston; NHP, NA, Herbalist. BSU Healing center came into existence after Olivia and Courtney met at a local networking event and quickly realized that they shared the same vision. In February 2020 they merged their businesses and began working as one entity. Located in South Charleston, West Virginia, they focus on alternative, natural healing modalities. Courtney's specialties are Natural Skincare and Reiki Energy Healing. Olivia's specialties are Natural Health consultations, Diet Planning, and Herbal Remedies. They also have a boutique in the physical location where they offer handmade skincare and body care products, Bohemian clothing, handmade jewelry, artwork and handmade goods by local artisans, local CBD products, metaphysical supplies such as crystals, sage, palo santo, incense, Reiki candles and more.

Valley View Apiary - Our Apiary is located on a small farm in Greenville WV. Our bees collect nectars from the local flora: trees such as honey locust, cherry, and tulip poplar as well as our orchard trees, wildflowers such as viper bugloss, and surrounding crops such as red and white clover.

Vernal Vibe Rise - Vernal Vibe Rise is a dynamic, lady-run, permaculture farm located in Renick, West Virginia, in northern Greenbrier County. There, Quincy Gray McMichael raises heritage poultry—Dominique laying hens and Cotton Patch Geese—as well as feral guinea fowl within her holistic, beyond-organic pasture rotation system. The mountain land she stewards also supports the growth of a variety of edible perennial plants—vegetables, herbs, berries—as well as fruit and nut trees, and woodland mushrooms. Quincy dedicates her time and energy to provide the animals and plants that live on Vernal Vibe Rise with the balanced diets and healthy environment that allows them to offer their best gifts to you.
When you purchase Vernal Vibe Rise foods, you receive the highest quality—fresh, nutrient-dense, anti-inflammatory edibles that not only fill your belly, but promote ongoing health. Quincy uses her own beyond-organic produce, as well as organic foods grown by other local farmers, to prepare both live-fermented and traditional pickled foods (like dilly beans, kimchi, pikliz, and pickled beets). Quincy, who is a Le Cordon Bleu-trained cook, also offers kitchen staples like rich bone broth and brilliant stewed tomatoes, grain-free baked goods and delicious granola (made with only whole-food sweeteners), and many other exciting items such as live-fermented coconut yogurt, herbal popcorn, and dairy-free chocolate pudding. Minimizing waste has always been a priority on Vernal Vibe Rise, so all packaging is either compostable (paperboard containers, wax bags), recyclable (HDPE #2 plastic bags, only used when necessary), or returnable (glass kombucha and hot sauce bottles, as well as egg cartons, can be returned to Vernal Vibe Rise for sterilization and reuse). Thank you for helping to keep our planet healthy. Please peruse www.VernalVibeRise.com, Instagram (@vernal_vibe_rise), and Facebook (Vernal Vibe Rise) to witness the care that Quincy takes with the plants, animals, and land she feels so privileged to steward.

Vested Heirs Farm - Vested Heirs is a family owned and operated farm in the Appalachian Highlands of West Virginia near the Maryland border. We are producing high quality local fruits and vegetables for our community and the surrounding area. For over 80 years our family has been committed to involvement in our community and want to continue the agricultural stewardship and love for the land passed down from one generation to the next.

Walnut Hollow Farm - Walnut Hollow farm is a small 25 acre farm located in Organ Cave, WV. Our newest venture is baking homemade bagels, breads, cookies & more PA Amish style, which is our background, selling thru local farmers market channels.

Wayne County Co-Op - The Wayne County Farmers Cooperative was founded in 2016, and has enabled local farmers to sell their produce more efficiently. We are the largest co-op in the state of West Virginia, and we pride ourselves on providing top quality produce and log grown shiitake mushrooms to our patrons. This past spring we were blessed to lease a local farm in Dunlow, WV and begin the process of producing even more vegetables and fruits to supplement what our farmers are producing. Legacy Farms is currently in the process of obtaining GAP certification and while we are still in the infancy stage of production, we have seen some really good quality produce harvested already! Our goal is to see local folks be able to access healthy, nutritious, locally grown foods from sources close to them. Bringing fresh foods to the tables of our fellow West Virginians is top priority for us, because we know that when good food is available, good health is a definite possibility! Agriculture has moved up in the Mountain State in the last few years and we would love to see more people get involved. Self-sustainability and self-reliance used to be a way of life in our area, but in the past few decades it has declined as people became more dependent on store bought goods. With so much concern over food borne illnesses and recalls, it only makes good sense to get your food from area farmers who grow food the way nature intended it to be...healthy, delicious, and FRESH! If you reside in Wayne County and would like to become a member or learn more about the Co-op, feel free to shoot an email to: robin.maynard-spaulding@waynecountyfarmersco-op.com.

Wild Unicorn Farmstead - Wild Unicorn Farmstead is an off-grid small farm & micro-bakery based in Pocahontas County. We are committed to growing & baking high quality, (non-certified) organic food for our community. At WUF we believe food is the background to our lives and helps knit together our stories. At WUF we make that food. We grow on roughly a half-acre sized garden, with sustainable growing practices. We produce annual vegetables, herbs, & flowers, cultivate shiitake mushrooms, and bake organic sourdough bread. Our farmstead is entirely off-grid with a small array of solar panels. We plan to build up our solar system and act as an example for folks interested in utilizing renewable energy in our area.

Woodson's Mill - Woodson’s Mill has been owned and loved by a small handful of families since its construction in 1794, when Guiliford Campbell built the original four-story, 32 foot square building. The Fulchers improved it in the 1840’s, adding the two runs (mill stones), which are still in use today. Sixty-some years later, Dr. Julian B. Woodson expanded the mill into a thriving enterprise that included an icehouse, sawmill, and foundry while maintaining his duties as a medical doctor and State Senator. The rise of large industrial mills in the growing post-war America, along with Dr. Woodson’s death in 1963, brought a temporary end to the mill business. But, Huron T. Campbell, who owned the mill while it was not in operation, refused to sell any of the equipment or machinery in hope that someone would eventually be able to restore it. J. Gill Brockenbrough, Jr., who purchased Woodson’s Mill in the early 1980’s, did restore it and lived there until his death in 2001. All these people were passionate about Woodson’s Mill, and so are we.

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