Charleston Edition: Fish Friday with Paul A. Dunn at First Baptist Church

By Candace Nelson - 9:46 PM

The First Baptist Church of Charleston has a commercial kitchen and has been cooking up some delicious dishes on specialty days each week - like Wing Wednesdays. I finally was able to try their Fish Friday, which has been around prior to Lent. And, they are not playing around when it comes to fish. On this particular day, they were offering whiting, red snapper, catfish and perch. Plus shrimp and alligator. You can get an entire dinner with fish, two sides and a drink for $15. I went with whiting, macaroni and cheese, and Creole potato salad. That macaroni and cheese was so cheesy and had just a hint of sweetness – my favorite. The creole potato salad had some nice mustard seed flavor kick. The whiting did not have the thick, golden, deep-fried batter I was hoping for. But, I have learned that fish in the south is more commonly crusted with a sort of cornmeal coating. So, it's a bit more crunchy than it is crisp. It was flaky, white fish with a great flavor. They thought of all the accompaniments as well; I had tartar sauce, hot sauce, and a tangy sort of barbecue sauce. Super tasty.

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