Sweet Burchees

By Candace Nelson - 9:33 PM

Sweet Bunches

I found this small business called Sweet Burcheez that makes fruit breads at The Wild Ramp in Huntington. I thought it was so tasty that I wanted to learn more:

Harper and my mom have dreamed of owning their own bakery for years... they spend hours in the kitchen making pumpkin muffins, brownies, jams, pies and so much more... so they have decided to pursue their dream and start with online orders and setting up at the Farmers Market in Huntington! I will be posting their items weekly (and sometimes more)... You can request an item or pick from something offered! Everything will be made fresh... Jams, Jelly's and AppleButter are currently being made and canned for enjoyment throughout the year!!! A good friend gave me the Nickname "Burchee" and my kids have loved it.. and that's how the name "Burchees Sweets" was formed!!! Get ready to start seeing some wonderful items posted... these ladies can't wait to start baking (more)!!!

Sweet Bunches

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