Scottsdale, AZ Edition: Olive & Ivy

By Candace Nelson - 9:00 PM

Olive & Ivy

"Inspired by timeless elegance, Olive & Ivy is a Mediterranean restaurant that offers you a quiet escape from the ordinary. Rich in flavor, our menu will transport you to the warm, relaxing French Riviera with seafood dishes like sea scallops and shareable plates like Lamb Meatballs in a warm pita. Sip a warm cup of coffee as you savor a freshly baked pastry at our beautiful Marketplace. Enjoy an occasion worth sharing like a sunlit lunch on the patio with friends, a quiet dinner for two, or a lively happy hour full of laughter. Our extensive variety of signature cocktails, craft beers, bold reds, refreshing whites, and celebratory bubblies are sure to provide you with the perfect glass to toast the day, toast the night, and toast this grand life."

Olive & Ivy

It certainly paints a picture, right? It's a lovely café with light offerings that feel fresh and creative. When I'm in the desert, I crave food like this.

Olive & Ivy

I ordered a beet salad with arugula, goat cheese, pistachio, red wine, vinaigrette and shrimp. I ordinarily would have went for the bruschetta flight, but I coincidentally just had one of those. The salad was fresh but still had bold flavors.

Olive & Ivy

We also did some hummus with pita, cucumber, tomato, red onion and feta. This one was just OK for me, but that's because I prefer my hummus with an unacceptable amount of garlic.

Olive & Ivy

Grade: B

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