Appalachian Cookie Company

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Appalachian cookie co

"Appalachia Cookie Company makes cookies the way your grandma’s grandma made them: from scratch, with real ingredients. Our products range from the traditional (Chocolate Chip, Snickerdoodle, etc…) to the unique (Blueberry White Chocolate Oatmeal, Apple Pie) with a few off the wall flavors like our Bacon & Bourbon cookie with dark chocolate and maple syrup," reads the website.

Appalachian cookie co

"It all began in 2012, while living in a small college apartment above a bar in the beautiful mountains of Boone, NC. As a student at Appalachian State University, the company’s founder, David Holloman, saw a need for an alternative to the traditional late night pizza and sandwiches. While he knew he wasn’t the first to offer late night dessert delivery, and he certainly wasn’t the first person to bake a cookie, it was his goal to make the absolute best cookies people had ever eaten. With that goal in mind he bought a mixer and began making a batch of what would come to be… some of the worst cookies anyone had ever tasted. That’s right, Appalachia Cookie Company made a lot of really bad cookies before we started making the incredible treats we have today. After a year of late nights, early mornings, burnt cookies, oven fires, final exams, capstones and lots of trial and error, the cookies were ready. A small, out-of-the-way, storefront in a subdivided warehouse was the company’s first storefront. The elegant sign that first adorned the future home of the best cookies on earth was made of cardboard and had “COOKIES” scribbled in sharpie with an arrow pointing to the front door. It was the kind of place you could walk in and stand next to the oven while your cookies baked. Within the first year we had such a large demand that we had customers from all over the country asking for our confectionary delights. We began our shipping program just over a year after the company opened and within three months we had shipped Appalachia Cookie Company cookies as far as California, Hawaii and even Ireland."

Appalachian cookie co

These cookies have been featured in 'Top 10 Cookies in America' by Cooking with Paula Deen Magazine and FYI's 'The Know It All's Guide To... Cookies." I ordered a dozen assorted cookies, which included:

Blueberry White Chocolate Oatmeal

Rated one of the "Top Ten Cookies in America" by Paula Deen! The flavor of tart and chewy dried blueberries with creamy white chocolate chips folded into a thick oatmeal batter. They’ve collected their fair share of fans, y'all.

Cookies & Cream

We add whole Oreos to our classic brown sugar batter and add a few creamy white chocolate chips. The Oreos are slowly added whole to the batter with the mixer running to break the Oreos into big delicious chunks.

Frosted Animal Cracker

A soft brown sugar based dough baked until golden brown. We combine this traditional dough with heaps of rich creamy white chocolate chips folded into a delectable batter rolled in sprinkles and topped with a frosted animal cracker.

The last was my favorite - maybe because of all the tiny crunchy bits. But, these are giant, creative & delicious.

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