Chillicothe, OH Edition: Cristy's Pizza & Subs

By Candace Nelson - 9:15 PM

Christys Pizza

While driving through Ohio, I started to hear my stomach growl. At my next gas station stop, I did a quick search for drive-through food options in the next town and found Cristy's Pizza & Subs.

Christys Pizza

"Have you ever wondered why Cristy’s Pizza tastes so good? It’s simple, if you’re going to have the best pizza, you’ve gotta start with the best ingredients, like… Bold Sweet Sauce from Fresh, Vine-Ripened Tomatoes, Signature Dough Recipe, All-Natural Premium Cheese, Fresh Vegetables Old World Pepperoni, and of course, a team of Pizza Pros to make the best pizza every single time," reads the website.

Christys Pizza

While Cristy's is not necessarily a drive-through, it does have a pick up window. I placed an order online for "Nibblers": Single bites of pepperoni or cheese pizza all rolled up, slathered with creamy Parmesan garlic butter sauce. Served with sweet & tangy tomato or creamy Parmesan garlic butter. These are close to pepperoni rolls, and I like that they are bite-size, so that the proportions of meat and cheese and dough are equal.

I also ordered a cheese pizza with mushrooms. The pizza had a rustic feel with the crust forming a bubbly texture, and the sauce and cheese not fully uniform all the way around. Fairly mild in flavor - but generally crowd pleasing. I would love a crisper crust, a bolder sauce, more punchy flavors.

Christys Pizza

Grade: B

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