Ridgecrest, CA Edition: Ephen Tacos SmokeHouse Junction

By Candace Nelson - 9:32 PM

Ephen Tacos

Ephen Tacos was a last-minute dinner decision while traveling through the area. It was getting late; it was dark, and I remember struggling to find a parking space to fit our RV. We parked in a nearby lot and walked over. From here on, the main thing I remember is the overwhelming stench of cat pee. It may have been from the lot and stuck to our shoes when we went inside the restaurant. But we carried it with us throughout the experience.

Ephen Tacos

The dining area in the restaurant itself was fairly small and the menu a bit nebulous - "smoked fusion artistic gourmet, smoked meat tacos, housemade salsas and sauces."

Ephen Tacos

I had a burrito with pulled pork and macaroni and cheese. I did enjoy it, though I wish there was a crunchy element to it. And I had a few concerns about the cleanliness inside, which dropped the overall experience score for me a bit.

Ephen Tacos

Grade: C

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