Shepherdstown Edition: Rock Hill Creamery

By Candace Nelson - 9:06 PM

Rock Hill Creamery

Rock Hill Creamery is a Shepherdstown ice cream shop that keeps it simple: "We make our ice cream right here in the shop using only milk, sugar, and heavy cream as our base."

Rock Hill Creamery

In 2021, the local paper wrote: "Founded by Gary Miller in Martinsburg in 1996, Rock Hill Creamery was officially closed six years ago. One of Miller’s longtime employees, however, lived in Shepherdstown and realized she wanted to bring the creamery back to life in her town."

Rock Hill Creamery

I kept it pretty simple with salted caramel, but it was the most silky, luxurious salted caramel I've had in recent memory. maybe because of the simplicity, the flavors really popped. I know next time I want to try a waffle cone, if available.

Rock Hill Creamery

Grade: A

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