Wheeling Edition: The Belgian Waffle Shop

By Candace Nelson - 9:47 PM

Belgian Waffle Shop

I visited The Belgian Waffle Shop a few months ago and was excited to try out something new. Sure, you're probably familiar with Waffle House, but there are a handful of local places around the state that also focus on the waffle. Wheeling happens to be one of them.

Belgian Waffle Shop

To start, I feel for the businesses in this part of town that have had the road inaccessible for quite some time. I'm sure that affects business. Additionally, there seem to be some behind-the-scenes struggles in terms of ownership that have made the rounds on social media lately. I don't want to get into that debate.

But I will debate what IS a Belgian waffle. In comparison to regular waffles, Belgian waffles are smaller without an outer rim and are a bit crisp on the outside and fluffy and dense inside. I think a lot of places use the term Belgian to sound fancy, but most are just regular ol' waffles.

Belgian Waffle Shop

The small shop offere several specialty waffles - Butter Pecan, Double Triple Chocolate, Strawberry-N-Cream, Toffee Crunch and Traditional Vanilla Bean. Plus, they do bubble waffles. And drinks.

Belgian Waffle Shop

I ordered the toffee crunch, waffle, which was more of a regular waffle: large, fairly soft, fluffy. The toppings are really, well, over the top. Candy pieces and ice cream and whipped cream remove this from any breakfast territory and send it straight to dessert alley. My only hope is that my next waffle is more crisp.

Belgian Waffle Shop

Grade: B

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