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I recently launched my site: It's fantastic, go learn about me. But, I am a little disappointed to see I am not the #1 Candace Nelson when searched! So, I've been researching the imposters. Here are the top four.

1. Candace Nelson
aka "Cupcake lady"
This is the most famous Candace Nelson by far. She's famous for making cupcakes. Great. But, it's funny because she is on Food Network a lot, and my friends Dave and Tony watch it. Whenever they see she's on, they text me to let me know I'm on television. Anyway, thanks Candace for ruining my spotlight.

2. Candace Nelson
Well, this Candace is much less entertaining. She is, however, a window-decorating specialist. That sounds fancy. She does shutters, wood blinds, duettes, pleated shades and verticals. Yeah. Next time I need to decorate my windows, I know who I'll call.

3. Candace Nelson
Maybe all Candace Nelsons are just really creative. We have a newspaperer (me), a baker, a window dresser, and now, a photographer. I might like this Candace more had she not been ahead of me in search results ... without a basic website! Clients are told they have to log in, otherwise, it just says new website coming soon. I've been checking, it hasn't been soon.

4. Candace Nelson
The creativity just keeps flowing, folks. This woman not only has the same middle initial as me, "R," but she also does photography, design, photo restoration, marketing consultancy, print management, writing and editing. Uh, wait a second. Is this me? No, but it's pretty close. Too bad her website doesn't have anything on it except three photos. Like the one to the right.

Disclaimer: I did not include Candaces who spelled their name differently. It is not spelled "Candice" or "Candance." Please try again.

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