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By Candace Nelson - 8:43 PM

I talk a lot about my internship with USA TODAY because it really is an amazing opportunity, but I don't want to neglect my other internship with West Virginia Living Magazine.

WV Living is a great magazine that celebrations a modern West Virginia. It features cities with popular attractions, famous artisans and recipes specific to West Virginia. It's not a typical "WV" magazine; it's very classy and appealing to all ages.

I'm technically a marketing/advertising intern, but I've also been able to do other odds and ends. The magazine just opened up their first store in Snowshoe Mountain Ski Resort. It features products made from all over West Virginia in one convenient store. Why Snowshoe? Well, it's a huge tourist attraction for West Virginia, and the owner wanted guests to take a piece of West Virginia home. They didn't want a tacky souvenir shop, so they suggested Snowshoe as the first store.

So, I've been writing author bios for the website, product descriptions and just recently, I wrote a story that should appear in the next magazine (Fall edition; magazine is quarterly) about the opening of the new store and my experience with it.

Yes, I drove all the way to Snowshoe (about three hours) to stay there for about two hours to take a look at the store and all the products and drive back home. That was a long day, especially considering I had to drive to DC the day after. But at least I can say I did it, and I hopefully won't have to again.

They are opening another store in Morgantown in the Seneca Center. The magazine's office is located in the Seneca Center, and the store will be only a few office spaces away. I've actually been working in that office by myself. There's a large room in the back where I can plug in my computer and work on what I need.

Sometimes I get bored and distracted, but I like having the freedom. I can come and go as I please, and I don't like anybody breathing down my neck. I only have about two weeks left for my internships (although I don't know if WV Living knows this yet or not...) but I have to have an internship for my capstone for my English degree. So I was thinking about staying on with WV Living, if they'd keep me, of course. But that's something I'll need to talk with the editors about and, of course, my teacher once that class starts.

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