One year

By Candace Nelson - 6:50 PM

So, it's been one year since I began this blog. I haven't updated as much as a I would've liked, but I'm not going to promise I'll get better -- because I know it won't happen.

I thought I posted about Paris, but I apparently didn't. I really learned a lot about not only myself but about perceptions of Americans. Right now, it's a mess because the school is saying I owe a lot back out of stipend than I do, but hopefully that will get sorted out soon.

I would've liked to have seen more, and I would've liked to venture outside of Paris and into the more country areas, but it simply wasn't feasible. I saw the Louvre, L'arc de triomphe, and, of course, the Eiffel Tower. The last night there was by far the best time I had. I really was immersed in the French culture and felt welcome, as opposed to the outsider I felt the majority of the time.

I posted a link in my last blogpost, but we had to change it. The newer one is

I also saw the French AP, which was probably my favorite part. The French school of journalism was nice, but they certainly had their opinions about America.

My article (I had to publish about the trip) is here: I wish I was better at writing columns -- that's something I hope to improve in the upcoming year.

Now, I'm currently interning at USA Today every Sunday and Monday, which means I drive to DC every Sunday and come back every late Monday night (2 a.m. ish) to avoid paying to spend another night in a hotel. A Best Western runs about $100 per night, plus gas, plus food while I'm there... really adds up.

Tuesdays I'm editor-in-chief of the DA, which is up and down. I have great days and I have horrible ones. I like the work I do, but the people are sometimes difficult to manager. Luckily, most have become my good friends who I see even outside the workplace.

Wednesday is my day off! That, and Saturday.

Thursday and Friday are devoted to WV Living. This internship is a little break for me because I have time to myself to accomplish what they'd like me to do. Currently, I'm writing product descriptions and artist biographies for their website. I'll also be writing a story soon, so that will be exciting.

My two business classes for the summer just ended -- Thank God! They were the most inconvenient things I've ever had to deal with. I've learned my lesson: no more summer online classes. I do have another that began this part of the summer, but it's only my internship class for credit, and I write one paper per week. So far, so good.

I only have about four weeks left of this craziness, then I'll have a week off for vacation and the insanity of the newspaper begins and shortly thereafter, school. This year, it will include my capstone for English (which is an internship), beginning grad classes and doing EIC.

Sen. Byrd died Monday. It's a sad day across WV. In fact, the governor declared it a day of remembrance and state employees have the day off. Technically, this includes me, but I opted to continue our training this week since I already took the day off from my internship to train and we also have editors in for the week, and I don't want to put this off any longer because we'll just have to set aside another day to do it.

I just wanted to document my life a little bit, but hopefully if I get some more time, I'll update with more. We'll see how it goes.

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