Buck's Chili Cook-off

By Candace Nelson - 4:33 PM

I was recently asked to be a "celebrity judge" for Buck's chili cook-off on Veteran's Day.


My name is Gabe Storrick, Social Media guru for Buck's Pub in South Park, Morgantown. First off, I love your blog! My go-to source for what's good in Morgantown!
So, the reason why I'm contacting you is to ask a favor. On Sunday (Veteran's Day), Buck's is hosting our annual chilli cook-off. This year we want to do something a little different.... we want to have "celebrity" judges to help choose the winning recipes. We are searching for a handful of "celebrities" who we thought would be appropriate for judging, and we thought of you. Judging will occur on Sunday probably from 1:45 until 2:45, so it won't take a ton of time. Would you be interested in being a celebrity judge?

I realize this is may be too late of notice, so I understand if you can't join us.

Of course, I said yes! What a cool opportunity. I had never been to Buck's, so it was also nice to be able to review it separately, too.

I stopped in with my friend, Mel, and found out the Katie Richter, Radio DJ for WVAQ, was also a "celebrity judge." We found it kind of funny that we were considered "celebrities," so we joked about it.

Buck's is located in South Park on the way to Sabraton. It is actually two levels, but the chili cookoff was located on the bottom floor, which was the original location before the additional build-on.

We met Buck, who was very thankful and generous inviting us. They had two votes: The Judge's Vote and the People's Choice.

They had 7 contenders in all, and all were pretty good. I think my favorite was #5, because it had a hint of spicy sweetness to it. But all of them were great. The overall celebrity judge winner was #4. And the people chose completely different ones for first, second and third. So, lots of winners!

It's an annual event, so check it out next year! You get to try a bunch of chili and other food, vote, and hang out in a cool place! I was able to get some lunch there, so that review forthcoming.

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  1. Hi Candace! Just wanted to say that I love your blog (I, too, am a blogger), and it has been so very helpful to my husband and I since we moved here in late July. For someone who was completely clueless about things in Morgantown, it was nice trying out some of the restaurants you wrote about!


    1. Eden - thanks for the sweet comment! I'm glad it's been helpful. I'll definitely be checking out your blog! =]


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