Morgantown Bucket List

By Candace Nelson - 9:46 PM

Folks, I need your help. I have my running list of places I want to try, and I keep my eye on new ones that are opening, but I want to make sure my list is complete. If I haven't reviewed somewhere in the Morgantown area that isn't on this list, let me know!

  • 123 (I've been dying to go to their Bluegrass Brunch)
  • Backdoor (I've heard they have homemade food on Fridays?)
  • Boston Beanery (at the Pines)
  • Big Dogs Cafe/Hot Spot (I hope they actually have food here, and not just a casino)
  • Bucks (I'll be going here this Sunday for a chili contest!)
  • Bucketheads (Is this place still open?)
  • Campus Canteen
  • Cafe Mojo
  • Cheat Lake Pizza/Pasta
  • Chico's Bakery (I was hoping I could just walk into the bakery, otherwise might have to get one at Allstar/Dairy Mart)
  • China Kitchen
  • CJ Maggies (Fairmont) CLOSED
  • Classics 3 Lounge
  • Forks of Cheat
  • Grandma Jean's Country Kitchen
  • Hibachi (Univ. Avenue)
  • Hometown Hotdogs
  • Jackson's Bar & Grill (Formerly TeeBonez)
  • Kassar Foods (They have a dining area, I believe)
  • Lake View (Couple food places here?)
  • Marris (I hope they still have food here)
  • Mall - Fuji, T&L Hotdogs, Just Desserts
  • Mundy's Dugout (I've tried to go here a few times, but it's been closed)
  • Novichenks (I know nothing about this place)
  • Pregamers (If they even have food here)
  • Ratpack
  • Ray's Pastries
  • Rising Creek Bakery
  • Slight Indulgence (On Collins Ferry - going here soon I think!)
  • Shonys (Hey, it's a WV chain, at least)
  • The Triangle (If they have food)
  • Whippoorwill  

  • Soon to come: Pies & Pints, Blues Brews & BBQ, Fondue Factory, Lebanese, Tilted Kilt, Martin's Bar-B-Q
  • Late Night Munchies: Hotdog Man, Taco Truck, BBQ place?

OKAY - I know there has to be some that are missing. Any restaurants that aren't big into advertising and I haven't heard of them? Maybe bars that have food that I don't know about? Can you answer any of my questions I have typed up? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated =]

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