Princeton Edition: Coco Loco

By Candace Nelson - 1:49 PM

photo 1The location that was home to El Jaripeo is now Coco Loco. Located at 1023 Stafford Drive, this Mexican restaurant is much bigger than it appears from the outside. Inside, the interior looked mostly the same as El Jaripeo - even the ceiling was still painted like the sky.

We were the only people in there to start, and it looked as though only one person was working. We got the standard salsa and chips, and I asked for some queso, too. The salsa was good - still a little heavy on the cilantro, but overall decent. The queso was tasty, but the texture was off at times, like maybe it was cooked a little too long.

I ordered the chimichangas, and Chris got a chipotle shrimp deal. The chimichangas had a nice crunch to the tortilla, and inside was stuffed full of steak and onions. I piled some refried beans and sour cream on it and was a happy camper.

Chris' wasn't up my alley. The chipotle was more like an off-BBQ taste, but I think he enjoyed it for the most part.

We also ordered the fried cheesecake - if you want to make a dessert even more indulgent, this is how. Pretty tasty.

While we were sitting there, a customer came in for a to-go order and was praising the restaurant. Apparently the owner has had other locations, and this customer was ecstatic that he now had one on this side of town. She was a long-time fan and convinced me to check it out again. We'll see.

 photo 4

Grade: B

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