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By Candace Nelson - 10:27 PM

There's been a lot of buzz about "Tilted Kilt," the new scandalous restaurant in town. Known as the Irish "Hooters," Tilted Kilt takes the idea of employing young, attractive waitresses wearing next to nothing - midriff-baring shirts and short kilts - with a Scottish, Irish, Gaelic theme.

The restaurant is the newest addition to the Suncrest Towne Centre, taking the place of now-defunct Damon's Grill. While I prefer to focus on just local restaurants, this is the only Tilted Kilt location in West Virginia, so I wanted to check it out.

The interior is plastered with themed garb, TVs, Irish-themed movie posters, and many, many men. There are Kilt Girls everywhere, opening the door for us, seating us, and chatting with all the patrons. The menu is kind of a cluster and ranges from a couple Irish dishes to burgers and tacos? They have 32 beers on tap.

I was set on getting something "traditional," but I was told their versions are anything but (shocker). Burgers were recommended, so I got one of their signature "Big Arse Hamburger" at $8.99 - 10 oz. of ground chuck, and for .79 cents more, you can get cheese. I went with bleu cheese crumbles. The meal comes with fries; I upgraded to garlic fries.

Our waitress was great - she wasn't overly chatty or flirty like most of the others who were all over all-male tables. The Captain's Table, which seats 33, is an area for guests who are dining solo to enjoy others' company, read: Kilt Girls flock here. I have my own qualms about the fundamental idea of this business, but I'll keep it light. I won't choose to spend my money here - I'm more for the local businesses, but I'm not close-minded enough to not check it out either. I'll try just about anything once. Even though it means encouraging young women to participate in that kind of environment. MOVING ON.

My burger was good. It had some french-fried onions, crumbled blue cheese on a juicy burger. Topped with a buttery bun and tomato, lettuce and pickle on the side, it was a solid burger. Textures went together well with the crunchy onions and creamy cheese. It was large, but I needed some sauce to bring it all together, so I ended up dipping it in some ketchup. The garlic fries are killer - don't need any sauce.

Chris got the "Fat Bastard Meatloaf," which he thought was pretty good and slightly sweet. It was a bit more dry than expected, but good enough for him to finish it.

Tilted Kilt on UrbanspoonFood isn't bad - not culinary creativity - but that's not the main focus here either.  It can be a little pricey, at $25 for two sandwiches. I would try it because getting a new experience is always good. But this probably isn't a place you'll brag about.

Check out their Twitter and Facebook.

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  1. I just ate here for the first time last night. It was ok, but I have an opinion about restaurants that the more T&A you find there, the worse the cooking and the prices. It met my expectations. The scenery was nice, but I could have just brought home a burger from Wendy's and eaten in front of my computer...

    1. Oh, and I agree with that. I do have to give them their due, though. I really enjoyed my burger and the garlic fries. What did you get?


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