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By Candace Nelson - 2:03 PM

I've talked about Slight Indul- gence, the gourmet food and wine store, on High Street before. Featuring hard-to-find goodies like fine wines, luxurious chocolates and canned veggies, this gem is the perfect place to try something new and find a new favorite. They have two locations: One on High Street, and the other is on Collins Ferry Road. The latter has a cafe portion.

Right at the corner of Burroughs Street and Collins Ferry sits this second location. In addition to the huge store selection, they have a menu full of paninis and salads in a small cafe area. As soon as I walked in, the helpful woman behind the counter asked if I needed anything. When I told her I wanted to have some lunch, she pointed me to the left wing of the building and brought out some menus.

There are only a few seats on this side, but there is more dining in the back of the building. Be sure to allow yourself some time here - it's a little slow. And once, I tried to come here, and it was completely full with no tables. So, plan ahead.

The panini on the menu that stood out to me was the "Prosciutto & Smoked Gouda," which had prosciutto, smoked gouda, red onion, tomatoes and fontina cheese for $9.95. You can get chips or a side salad, and I opted for that house salad, which was mixed greens, tomatoes and a balsamic/oil dressing. For a drink, I went with a rose lemonade - a lemonade with lemon, ginger spice, and pure rose extract. The menu is really quite nice - some different combinations, but some safe ones, too. I appreciate the creativity.

When our food finally came out, it was like a little taste of summer. It was a nice day, sun shining, and the food was fresh. My sandwich was served on buttered, fluffy bread with a crisp on the outside. Inside was silky prosciutto - almost too silky. But the heavy fontina cheese and sweet onion balanced it out. It really was a nice, delicate sandwich.

And the salad! For such a basic salad, it 's dynamite. I love the balsamic, and the greens were fresh from the garden.

The lemonade was different, as it could almost taste perfumey at times, but it was something new. I did finish it, and by the end, I actually enjoyed it. Refreshing.

On the way out, it was nearly impossible to walk by all the amazing items they had for sale and not buy anything. So, I thought, what's better than a little something sweet after dinner? Chocolate, it is.

I bought this huge Neuhaus bar (for like $7 - ouch). But it was lovely - tiny specks of hard caramel in a smooth, creamy milk chocolate. Gah. Want one now. If you want to try something a little different, a little more upscale, while still casual, give Slight Indulgence a chance. See if you can make it out of there without buying something.

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Grade: A
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