Charleston Edition: Leonoro's Spaghetti House

By Candace Nelson - 11:25 PM

Leonoro's & Live on the LeveeLeonoro's & Live on the LeveeLeonoro's is located just a few blocks from me on Washington Street, so I had my hopes up for a hometown Italian restaurant that served up some tasty pasta. That was short-lived.

When my friend and I entered, we waited for a few minutes before somebody noticed us. They asked if we needed a menu - seems as though this is a place with many regulars. We did need a menu. While I prefer those stuffed pastas with cheese, I decided to get the spaghetti because, well, this is a spaghetti house. I also got a house salad.

Leonoro's & Live on the LeveeLeonoro's & Live on the Levee

Leonoro's & Live on the LeveeWe were first greeted with a basket of cold bread. Meh, no thanks.

My salad came out with the house dressing - which was, literally, marinara sauce. Usually house dressings are some sort of oil/vinegar ... this was marinara sauce. I tried it and threw away most of the salad, unfortunately. Iceberg lettuce doesn't have much flavor alone.

Leonoro's & Live on the LeveeThe spaghetti was fine. The sauce tasted like it was straight from a can and could have used a decent helping of some spices and herbs. It was also kind of liquidy. The meatballs were good. But I could've made this entire meal for less than what I paid for at the restaurant - and had leftovers!

Everything was generic, too expensive and just bland. No thanks. I'll stick to making this at home if this is the quality I'm interested in.
Leonoro's & Live on the Levee

Grade: C
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  1. I HATE when places give you dressing in a plastic togo container...

    1. I just really HATED the "dressing." It was literally marinara sauce. That is their house dressing. Blech

  2. I'm told they were once the go-to pasta house, but when the parents died the offspring who own decided to get lazy. Quite sad.

    1. That is unfortunate. I love a good hometown pasta place.


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