Morgantown Edition: Pies & Pints

By Candace Nelson - 8:00 AM

Pies and PintsI've now officially been to all three Pies & Pints locations in West Virginia: Fayetteville, Charleston and now Morgantown. Of course, as soon as I leave Morgantown, the best pizza place graces the town.

Pies and PintsPies & Pints took the place of Ledo's in Suncrest Town Centre - which is probably the best swap ever. It's not a huge space, but it definitely gives off the same vibe as the other two locations: chill, laid back, hip.

Pies and PintsPies and Pints

I went here for my graduation dinner with my family, so even though a few things were working against Pies & Pints on that evening: busy, just opened, and had to please my family. I gotta say - my dad was a little irritated at how long our order took, but I understand they were training and we did order two large pizzas.

We got half margherita pie, half mushroom garlic and half chicken gouda, half chipotle chicken pie.

Pies and PintsMargherita pie - pretty basic, but delicious fresh flavors.
Mushroom garlic - literally has cloves of garlic, which is sometimes too much. But love the flavor combination.
Chicken gouda - this remains one of my favorites. The smoky gouda paired with salty bacon is phenomenal
Chipotle Chicken - this one was good. It's the least memorable, but the onion stuck out to me. Maybe a little too much onion? But still very good.

Morgantown has a real gem with this place. And I think it's important for the town to have some of these places that are more than just eateries. It has personality. And I love it.

Grade: A
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