Charleston Edition: Recovery Sports Grill

By Candace Nelson - 8:00 AM

RecoveryRecoveryRecovery Sports Grill seems to be a newer restaurant in town, and from what I gather, folks are happy to have a sports bar. It's located right on Virginia Street, and the lane in front of the building suddenly turns into parking around 6 p.m., which blows my mind. I was really confused to see a three-lane road become two lanes because the right-most lane became a parking lot. Bizarre.

RecoveryRecoveryThere's something about a sports bar that turns me into a sports fan who loves nothing more than a beer, wings, and trivia. In this case, I just went for the wings because their menu said that "absolutely nobody does wings as well as we do." Ha!

Other menu items include burgers, sandwiches, salads, appetizers - your typical sports bar fare. I ordered 10 wings - 5 of which were buffalo bleu and 5 were sweet BBQ. I also got a side house salad because I was extra hungry.

RecoveryThe salad came out first. I was bummed they didn't have French because that makes a salad for me. Ranch had to suffice. It wasn't bad, actually. Some greens, onion, cheese, tomatoes and croutons. A little more to it than I was expecting.

I think whenever someone builds up an item like - "it's the best I've ever had!" or "no one tops our X!" it is instantly a failure to me. Maybe I should not put so much stock in others' opinions or maybe I think my mouth is going to melt from an overwhelming amount of amazing that I just consumed. But I feel like the more times someone talks up a place in such a way that is over the top, the more likely I am to hate it.

Sorry, Recovery.

Have you met Mario's Fishbowl's wings?

RecoveryMaybe I'm too picky with wings. Here's the thing: I don't like when I feel like I'm chewing a giant piece of fat. That is a texture that is just not appealing to me. I understand its value in flavoring the dish, but skin/fat have to be cooked well done so I don't feel like I just ingested grubs. Blech.

RecoverySo, I like my wing skin to be cooked well, well through. I don't want it to be slimy - I want it more crunchy. I want some bite. A couple of my wings had this - but the majority did not. Beyond that - I felt like the flavor was meh at best. Yes, 'meh' is an acceptable adjective now.

RecoveryToo much build up without delivering. Wings need some extra kick. Give me some flavor, give me some spice. Maybe a different flavor would do the trick.

Dessert can redeem all. My friend ordered a cake of some sort, and I got a peanut butter pie. Both were good. That's all.

My bill came to around $25, so not bad considering the salad, the wings, a drink and dessert.

Grade: C
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