Glen Jean Edition: The Cold Spot

By Candace Nelson - 8:00 AM

The cold spotThe cold spotAn assignment took me out Glen Jean way, and the photographer I was with, Tom, suggested a bite to eat at the Cold Spot. I haven't been to the locations closed to Charleston, but I know there are a handful. Their sign says beer and wings, but since I was working, only the latter applied.

When we walked in, we looked around for menus to take to the table, but all they have is what's behind the counter. I gave it a once over and chose two types of boneless wings: six honey mustard and six sweet Asian.

Tom got his wings a good bit before me. In fact, he almost had his finished before I even got mine. Once mine came out, I ate twice as fast. That was probably a bad decision.

The cold spotThe cold spot

The cold spotBut, I enjoyed them. These - more than any other boneless wings I've had - are clearly just chicken strips, fried, and chopped into bits with sauce poured over top.

That's not necessarily a bad thing - but especially with the honey mustard, there was just too MUCH sauce. It wasn't tossed in the sauce, globs of the sauce were poured over it. Just a little too much.

This place is known for having the best wings, so I'll definitely have to try those. But these were truly not bad. I liked the sauce - I just wish there was a little less of it. And at least maybe try to pretend like they're actual wings? Either way, I'd totally eat these again.

Grade: B
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  1. I wish I went there more often. A fun place to eat with a group.

    1. I haven't been to either of Charleston's Cold Spots. We should go! I can blog about them, AND we can get a group together. =]


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