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By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Best of CreteI was in Charleston for an award ceremony recently, and it just so happened to correspond with the reopening of Best of Crete.

Best of CreteBest of Crete was a beloved Greek restaurant in the mall when I had first moved to Charleston. It closed before I had a chance to try it, and many people were very upset at the news. Well, those same people are probably rejoicing, as it has reopened on the West Side.

Best of CreteThe owner had used this location for catering for the last decade or so, but it hadn't been open to the public. It's right in the middle of a residential area - pretty unexpected. The inside has only three two-person tables, and not a ton of space otherwise.

Tony and I placed our orders for gyros and luckily snagged the last open table.

There are gyros, salads, meatball subs, pizza bread, pita pizza and hummus.

As we were waiting for our food, Kennie Bass (WCHS reporter) came in and decided the owner was going to give an interview on the spot. After the owner refused about a half-dozen times, it was a little awkward inside.

I was happy when my gyro came out - though they were still waiting on my side of spinach pie. These gyros are so good. The meat, the fluffy pita, the sauce, the fresh veggies. It's all very tasty. My side salad was also delicious - a nice helping of feta cheese is a quick way to make me happy.

WV Gazette - http://www.wvgazette.com/article/20150319/GZ01/150318929
                                                    I finished up my plate and went up to pay and get a to-go order of some baklava to take to the Daily Mail. I forgot all about my spinach pie, so I didn't get to taste it. Probably my fault. As we were leaving, I saw the Gazette photographer taking photos of the outside of the building. Who knew a restaurant reopening is such a hot topic? And guess who made the photo they ran? Yep.

Best of CreteA little bit of an odd experience - not due to the owners - but the food, at least, was great. As for the baklava, you'll have to ask the Daily Mail staff.

Best of Crete
Grade: A
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