Morgantown Edition: Fat Angelo's Pizzeria

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Fat AngelosUniontown-based pizzeria Fat Angelo's has been operating a branch in Cheat Lake's former Anthony's Pizza location in Ashebrooke Square for quite some time. I was waiting for all the branding to be officially changed over, but once the anticipation was killing me.

Fat AngelosThe restaurant was recently featured on Restaurant Roadtrip and showcased "The Beast," a gigantic 50-slice pizza -- 60 inches! Then there are the specialty pizzas - like the Mountaineer, which has kettle-cooked chips, a ranch base and cheese on cheese on cheese. Other specialty ones include the Perogie Pizza, the Mightly Whiteee and the Chicken Club Pizza.

Fat AngelosThey also have these stuffed pies - which apparently just leaves the sauce on the outside.

Any of that sounds great, right? So, my friend Kayla and I ventured to that side of town. There's a simple sign "Pizza" out front. Seems easy enough. Inside, we walked up to the counter, took a brief look at the menu and ordered small pies. I wanted just a regular one to test the waters here. So, I got a small four-cut pizza with mushrooms.

Fat AngelosWhen my pizza came out, I was happy to see a thin crust with the toppings sprawling out to the edges. I picked up a single slice, with stringy cheese resistant to come along for the ride. The slice was flavorful in a way I wasn't expecting. The sauce definitely has a sweeter flavor. The crust was good - thin - and the cheese and mushrooms were tasty. I kind of mulled the flavor of the sauce over. I like it. I like the hint of sweetness, but I think a bit of a balance would have suited it a bit better. I do like it, a lot actually, but a hint of spice maybe would help balance it out.

I'm glad there's a pizza place on that side of town - and it's pretty good - and I think I might have to stop by when I'm here again.

Grade: B
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