Huntington Edition: Savannah's Restaurant

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM


Huntington, you beautiful food town, you. There's so much to explore. I'm slowly making my way through the town, hitting the best food spots along the way.


Savannah's Restaurant is upscale dining in a beautiful, old white house. There is also a bistro portion and a catering space. It gives off a kind of southern charm feeling. It is one of the finest restaurants (read: pricey) in town, so when a friend tipped me off to Savannah's participating in Huntington's Restaurant Week, I was excited to check it out.


As part of the Restaurant Week special, Savannah's offered a prix fixe menu of $35 per person, including a soup or salad, choice of entree and dessert.


First, we had a small amuse-bouche of a crunchy baguette, blue cheese, cream cheese, dried cranberries and nuts. This was fine. Familiar flavors but on what tasted like toast, so ... it was OK.


Then, we had a basket with an assortment of bread and a side of whipped butter. I liked the variety, as well as the light butter. Nice start.


Then, I started with Savannah's Classic Cream of Crab Soup. The consistency was thinner than I imagined, but the flavor was light and buttery. There were some good pieces of lump crab meat.

SavannahsThe entree I chose was the chicken cordon bleu, which was a chicken breast stuffed with prosciutto and Point Reyes blue cheese, served with mushroom sherry cream sauce, saffron butternut risotto, snow peas and julienne carrots. It's chicken cordon bleu kicked up a few fancy notches.

This was really quite tasty. The chicken was breaded and crispy and juicy. The cream sauce was light but a beautiful touch. And the risotto underneath was a flavor I was not expecting but certainly welcomed. It was really tasty. It's rich in flavor and has a wonderful combination of crunch with fresh snow peas and silky smooth sauce with a flavorful chicken and umami flavors. All around super good. Love this dish - a little unexpected but with classically delicious flavors.

I must say, our server was not the most confident. You could tell she was new or nervous, but she never seemed sure of her answers about the food, and she was timid when approaching us. I'm thinking it'll only take a little time before she's a veteran.

SavannahsFor dessert, I went with the bread pudding du jour. Bread pudding is one of my favorite desserts. This one featured chocolate and peanut butter. Those are some heavy flavors, as opposed to something like cinnamon or white chocolate that accent the flavors.

SavannahsSo, to me, it seemed like the dessert was desperately trying to be something it's not. It was just covered in this chocolate and peanut butter that smothered any of the real flavor. It was bread pudding, but all flavors of it were masked and this forced chocolate/peanut butter combo didn't do it for me. Too overpowering. That said, it wasn't bad, but it was more of a chocolate cake with peanut butter, really.

Despite some small misteps, I actually really liked Savannah's. The entree was very well-thought out and delicious. The crab soup was also tasty. The amuse bouche and dessert were more experimental, but at least they were different. Overall, a very good experience and some tasty, interesting food.

Savannah's is open Tuesday through Saturday for dinner. The bistro opens at 5 p.m., and the restaurant opens at 5:30 p.m.

Grade: A
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