Morgantown Edition: Ali Baba

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Ali Babas

Ali Babas

Have you missed your Mediterranean food fix in Morgantown? Fear not, for Ali Baba is back up and running.

Ali BabasThe restaurant had closed, then reopened under a different name, and then some other confusion. But now it's back under the original owner.

I've been here a handful of times, with my review being three years ago (THREE YEARS AGO?! HOW?!). But since it's a new place under a new owner, I wanted to give it another go.

Ali Baba is located in the Morgantown airport. It is a bit odd, still, to walk through an empty airport and right through waiting areas. But once you see the elaborate decorations and rich fabrics, it no longer feels quite so empty.

In fact, the restaurant was pretty busy when I was there for dinner.

I ordered the gyro platter, which came with a choice of two Mediterranean salads: I chose hummus and tabbouleh.

Ali Babas

Our server brought out a single thing of hummus and put it in the middle of the table. I wasn't sure who the hummus belong to - me or my friend, Kayla, but we both ate it anyway. I love their hummus. It's a nice blend of garlic and spices and has a good flavor overall. Pair it with their fluffy pita, and it's delicious.

Ali Babas

Ali Babas

While we're devouring this hummus, I see another table order the crispy onion appetizer. We ordered it, too. The fried onion pieces were good, but I would love if they had a signature sauce - like a spicy ranch or something. I dipped them in ranch, and they were OK.

Ali BabasMy entree, which I ordered on the recommendation of our server, was fantastic. Everything is so flavorful and fresh here. A block of feta cheese, slices of meat and fresh pita made for mini sandwiches with some hummus and tabbouleh on the side. Freshness is key here.

Ali BabasFor dessert, I ordered the knafa, which is this shredded dough stuffed with sweet ricotta cheese. Syrupy and sweet and a satisfying ending to a meal.

Ali BabasGrade: A
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