Chicago, IL Edition: Gino's East

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Gino's EastWe're on our third pizza place in three days. This time? Gino's East.

Gino's EastGino's East was just a block or two from the hotel, so we stopped here for lunch. We actually arrived here slightly before they opened, and we waited outside the doors with a few others for them to let us in (damn tourists). There is writing all. over. the. walls. and. seats. It's everywhere! Which is mostly fine, but I was worried about sitting on it. No worries.

Gino's EastAfter being seated, we ordered the "Gino's Supreme," with pepperoni. It comes with pepperoni or Italian sausage, onions, green peppers and mushrooms. Since Giordano's switched our order, and we ended up with sausage, we still had yet to try one with pepperoni. After the waiter read the order back, he said "pepperoni deep dish," which I assumed meant a Gino's Supreme WITH pepperoni. When he came back with our drinks, I clarified, and he basically told me I said it incorrectly (nope) and rushed back to fix it. K.

Gino's EastBut, it came out correctly, though I can't say it was my favorite pie. It has a very, very buttery, flaky crust. It almost seemed like I was eating an actual pie crust. I like the crisper crusts better. The sauce and toppings were just OK. Little soggy, not a ton of flavor. But, it had the best cheese, by far. Ooey and stringy. Very good.

At this point, the appeal of deep dish pizza was wearing on me, and this crust just wasn't doing it for me. Not bad, by any means, but not the one I'd go back to, either.

Grade: C
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