Thomas Edition: TipTop

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

TiptopI've spoken at length about how incredibly fun the small towns of Davis and Thomas are. Between cute shops, tasty beer and delicious restaurants, what's not to love?

TiptopIn the tiny town of Thomas is TipTop, a coffee shop and bakery that has been named the best coffee shop in West Virginia. So, when in the area recently, I made it a point to stop by and check it out.

TiptopFirst of all, it's cute as can be. Dark woods with a wrap around counter than transforms into a bar. More tables and booths line the interior, making each a cozy little nook to relax. A sweet little bar area has to-go cups, lids, sugar and some water.

TiptopA board to the left listed a Friday burger special and some other meals, which would've been super cool. But, since it was Saturday, it was a much smaller menu. But, still, there was a NY bagel with smoked salmon, red onion, sprouts and lemon caper cream cheese.

TiptopI got that, as well as a latte.

TiptopFirst: the bagel. I hate sprouts so away they went, but beyond that, the sandwich was good. The bagel was bit more chewy than I would've liked, but that cream cheese and the salmon both were tasty.

TiptopThe drink was good. A much bolder flavor than I was expecting. I kinda wish I would've gotten a shot of maple or flavoring to sooth my whiny tastebuds.

TiptopOverall - a very cute, endearing space with some good, robust coffee and some decent food options. All in one of my favorite small towns.


Grade: B
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