Hinton Edition: Chestnut Revival

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Chestnut RevivalTo get fueled for a long day of driving ahead of me, I did a quick search for coffee shops while in Hinton. The first place that popped up was Chestnut Revival, a quaint coffee shop on Summers Street.

Chestnut RevivalThe shop occupies the bottom floor of this house, and the seating area spreads across the hallway and sprawls into different spaces with eclectic seating and decoration. It's all quite sweet actually.

Chestnut RevivalThey do have some lunch items. And, lots of tasty coffee drinks are available: chai latte, pumpkin spice, dirty chocolate, bravado (espresso, half and half, honey), and one called the Tall, Dark & Handsome. When DON'T I want something tall, dark and handsome? It's hot coco, espresso and whipped cream.

Chestnut RevivalAfter putting in my order, I wandered around the place. I really, really love it here. It's so friendly and cozy and quiet and warm and large windows allow for lots of light. I could spend a whole day here just taking it in.

Chestnut RevivalBut when my drink was ready, the woman behind the counter wanted to show me how cute it looked like before she put the lid on. I wanted to grab a photo then, but before I knew it, she warned me to step back because she filled the coffee so far to the top (as she always does), that it will make a mess when she puts the cap on. And, boy did it. She said you'd think she'd just not fill it up all the way, but she doesn't want to short people. I just found that so endearing. She cleaned it up for me, and I was on my way.

And, it was the best damn coffee I've had. It's coffee and hot coco, so it tastes good, and it gives me a nice jolt. I mean, what more could you ask for? I just need to find a local place that will do this for me every day. Because I'm totally obsessed now.

Grade: A
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