Morgantown's Best Latte Art

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Morgantown has some pretty great coffee shops. And, a couple of them take it up a notch with some pretty cool latte art with rosettas or hearts. Side note: I really want to learn how to do this, so can someone teach me? Plz?

Latte ArtThe Grind WV | Aside from being my favorite coffee shop in Morgantown, The Grind WV can get creative with their latte art. While this one is pretty simple, I know they can do some pretty cool stuff.

Latte ArtOctane Coffee/Bar | This newcomer to the latte art world in Morgantown boasts some talented latte artists. The last time I was at Octane, I asked a bit about the latte art and learned that at least one person had a bit of experience working at various shops in the state.

Latte ArtBlue Moose Cafe | This old standby usually can top a coffee with a pretty simple design, like the one seen here. Plus, Blue Moose offers a damn good bagel & lox that pairs perfectly.

Did I miss anywhere that does latte art? Who's your fav?

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