Stumptown Ales

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Stump town AlesI've traveled to a bunch of breweries around the state, but they keep popping up more quickly than I can keep up with! That's a good problem to have, and I'm pleased with how West Virginia is moving forward and capitalizing on this industry.

Stump town AlesStumptown Ales in Davis is one of the more recent breweries to open. These hop-centric craft brews (as they state) pays homage to hops and brews with passion all while embracing the towns history in timbering.

Stump town AlesSo, hoppy beers. IPAs. Tripels. Sessions. Not exactly my cup of tea, but what the hell?

Stump town AlesI ordered a Jack Frost Pale Ale, which was certainly hoppy but also had a lovely well-balanced taste. What goes better with a nice hoppy beer? Food.

Stump town AlesThey have just a special or two available each night, and on this night up for grabs was a plate full of nachos or a hummus/olive/pita platter. Lisa and I decided on the nachos.

Stump town AlesWhile these were good, they were super heavy on the black beans. But bites of nacho and sips of beer can't go wrong.

Stump town AlesGet yourself a pint, nosh on some snacks and take it all in.

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