Charleston Edition: East End Pub

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

East End Pub

The East End Pub is a new restaurant on the far end of the East End, and I recently took a quick lunch break to check it out.

East End Pub

Enjoy tasty pub favorites including our signature East End Eggrolls, burgers, sandwiches, apps, and American pub craft beer!
East End PubThe first thing I noticed was their branded "East End Eggrolls."

East End Pub


Each order comes with two rolls & your choice of dipping sauce!

Reuben Rolls
Buffalo Chicken Rolls
Pepperoni & Cheese Rolls
BBQ pulled Pork Rolls
Mac & Cheese w/ Bacon Rolls

Dippers: Ranch, Bleu Cheese, Thousand Island, BBQ, Buffalo or Marinara

East End Pub
Between Dawn and I, we tried three different kinds of eggrolls: Buffalo chicken, pepperoni & cheese, and mac & cheese with bacon.

East End PubPlus blue cheese, marinara and ranch dipping sauces respectively.

East End PubWhat's your favorite item?

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