Huntington Edition: Pho U & Mi

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Pho U & Me

In Huntington, there's a pho war of sorts.

Pho U & MeAnd by that, I mean there are two pho restaurants right across the street from one another.

Pho U & MeAnd recently I visited them both.

Pho U & MeFirst, I went to Pho Noodle House, and then I went to Pho U & Mi.

Pho U & MeThe latter is the more recent restaurant, I gather.

Pho U & MeI started with an order of crab rangoons (because of course), and then for my entree I tried banh mi: bbq pork.

Pho U & MeBanh mi was sounding more exciting to me on this day than pho. But I do enjoy both! Which one of these restaurants do you favor?

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