Davis Edition: White Grass Cafe

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Whitegrass Cafe

White Grass is a cross-country skiing area, which is also known for its homestyle cafe.

Whitegrass CafeI made the trip here recently not to ski - but to get a tasty lunch.

Whitegrass Cafe

Cross-country skiing and snowshoeing are fun, healthy, and inexpensive ways to spend your free time during the winter months. Since ’79, we have taken pride in our wholesome natural foods cafe, unique and laid-back atmosphere, curvy exciting trails, and backcountry ski specialty shop. Our day lodge provides backdoor access to some of West Virginia’s most treasured high country.
Whenever strong northwesterly winds dip down from Canada and cross the Great Lakes, we whiten up with 160 annual inches of powdery fluff. Originally built as the Weiss Knob Ski Area in 1959, White Grass now boasts over 60 km of maintained trails ranging from 3,220 below the lodge to 4,463 feet at Tucker County’s high point atop Weiss Knob. That’s over 1,200 vertical feet to cross country up and over!
Whitegrass Cafe
So I ordered a grilled cheese, their house-made chili and a chocolate milk.

Whitegrass CafeI don't think there's a more comforting dish on a cold day.

Whitegrass CafeHave you been?

Whitegrass Cafe

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