The Freefolk Brewery

By Candace Nelson - 3:00 PM

Freefolk Brewery

The Freefolk Brewery is Fayetteville's newest craft beer destination.

Freefolk BreweryFree-spirited beer for free-spirited people. 
We at The Freefolk Brewery believe in the power of crafting things.
Wild things.
Free things.
Folk things. 
We believe that by crafting these things we can craft a culture. 
We believe in bringing folk together to share experiences, adventure, and friendship.
Craft Beer.
Craft Culture.
Craft Life.

Freefolk BreweryThe brewery has a number of craft beers on tap, which range from pale ales and blonde ales to IPAs and goses.

Freefolk BreweryI ordered a flight so I could try a few of their unique brews - Ubiquitous, Pretty Polly, Moon Dog, and Gorgeous 876.

Freefolk BreweryHere's what I went with - a bevy of light beers!

Freefolk BreweryWhile I waited, I took a look around at the incredible art.

Freefolk BreweryThis space is truly phenomenal, with colorful art decorating the walls, as well as metal work outside.

Freefolk BreweryMy beer came out, and I sampled each. I was a fan of each and every one of them.

Freefolk BreweryAnd, I needed some nourishment so I went with nachos topped with shrimp.

Freefolk BreweryLook at that beauty! Some smokey and creamy and crunchy. One of my favorite snacks.

Freefolk BreweryHave you been?

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