Nashville, TN Edition: Slim & Husky's

By Candace Nelson - 8:54 PM

Slim & Huskys

During COVID, desperate times call for desperate measures. And since I can't travel far for food... food is traveling for me. 

Slim & Huskys

Or, maybe one of my very best friends came to visit me from Nashville and brought me a pizza (and cinnamon roll!) from Slim & Husky's, which has been recognized as having some of the best pizza in Nashville - and all of Tennessee. Not only are they home to delicious artisan pizza (and cinnamon rolls!) - but they are also very active in the underserved communities and dole out scholarships, too.

Slim & Huskys

So, fair warning that this isn't fresh from the restaurant, so obviously there's going to be a little lost here. But, if this is THIS tasty a few hours after it was made - that's saying something. I ordered the "Got 5 on It," which is the classic red sauce, house cheese blend and fresh mozzarella. The pizzas are like oblong so they're a nice, hefty personal pizza - if you're ambitious like me. The crust is a little thicker than New York-style and the sauce is well-seasoned. And, you can't beat fresh mozzarella. 

Slim & Huskys

Cinnamon rolls are typically not my go-to, but these are not just any rolls. I went with a blueberry lemon and WOW. I mean, it's the perfect combo of that kinda heavy pastry with light fruity flavors. Delish.

Grade: A

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