Parkersburg Edition: Granny's Kitchen

By Candace Nelson - 5:12 PM

Granny’s Kitchen

You may have heard of Granny's Kitchen through their growing social presence. There is no storefront (though you can snag some at local markets), so I ordered some via Facebook messenger and drove up to Parkersburg to pick them up.

Granny has a number of varieties available, and they switch out. But on this particular day, I was able to try a Turtle - my favorite! It was chocolate and pecans and had these ribbons of soft caramel yummm.

Granny’s Kitchen

Then there is Midnight Snack - milk chocolate base swirled with Lay’s potato chips & Chex Mix. Plus pumpkin, birthday cake, raspberry chocolate and this peanut butter and jam one that was mind-blowing.

They were all delicious, and because there are all sorts of different varieties that swap out, I have so many more I need to try! 

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