Charleston Edition: Camp Virgil Tate

By Candace Nelson - 11:28 AM

Camp Virgil tate

Camp Virgil Tate is a 4H Camp in Charleston that also hosts a variety of events, like meetings, retreats, and even weddings. 

Camp Virgil tate

They have partnered with Turnrow Appalachian Farm Collective to provide some of their delicious baked goods for sale. They have pepperoni rolls, pierogis, quiche, and breadsticks available. So, I put in an order for some pierogis and pepperoni rolls. Unfortunately, the pierogis were delivered to a different location, so I didn't get those. BUT, I did get the pepperoni rolls!

Camp Virgil tate

These are packed full of pepperoni and cheese - no giant air pocket here. They're dense and have this garlic herb butter sort of wash, and they are pretty tasty. Have you tried?

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