Cabin Creek Edition: Up Da Hollor Pizza

By Candace Nelson - 8:26 PM

Up Da Hollor

After hearing some good reviews about Up Da Hollor Pizza in Cabin Creek,  Dawn and I made a special trip out this way just to check it out. 

Up Da Hollor

They weren't doing inside dining at this point, so we were just there while waiting for our food. The restaurant has gray walls with galvanized metal and purple accents. Plus some homemade decorations.

Up Da Hollor

I ordered small cheesy bread sticks and a personal sized pizza. They weren't joking about the sizes. The personal was about the size of my hand. And the small cheese sticks were about half the size I thought they'd be. So definitely something to think about when ordering!

Up Da Hollor

They both, though, were pretty decent. The pizza, though small, was tasty. I liked the cheese blend and they weren't stingy with the amount. The cheese sticks, again, were small but covered in a nice thick layer of cheese. The sauce was average - not too remarkable. But with a lot of cheese, I'm happy. 

Grade: B

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