J.Q. Dickinson Appalachian Mercantile - February

By Candace Nelson - 11:15 AM

Appalachian Mercantile - February

It's time for this month's Appalachian Mercantile box!!! What do we have this month? 

Snowville Creamery - cheddar crisps - These delicious crisps are made from pure cheddar cheese. Snowville Creamery, located in eastern OH, grass feeds all of its cattle to produce A2 milk. The crisps are non-GMO, gluten free and yummy!

Shagbark Seed & Mill - Organic Pinto Beans - Shagbark Seed & Mill is a cooperative that supports local organic grain and bean growers in eastern OH. These pinto and black beans are staples for the pantry. Grown in the Americas for more than 8000 years, Black Beans are at the heart of Indigenous Foodways in South America, Cuba, and Central America. They offer loads of protein, fiber, magnesium, and anti-oxidants to every meal. Ohio grown, certified organic, vegan. Pinto beans have been a staple of Appalachian cuisine for many, many year. Cook with a piece of smoked pork, onions and garlic. The rich, meaty flavor of the beans sings through.

Cocoa Mia - Our Molino Chocolate bars are made from the finest Belgium chocolate and topped with dried fruits, nuts, and other crazy things. They are sure to satisfy your cravings, if you can bear to eat the beautiful collage of flavors! Theses bars are made from 55% Dark Chocolate. Pistachio & fig.

Miller's Banana Pepper Mustard - Discover the bold taste of Miller’s award-winning Banana Pepper Mustard, made with vine-ripened peppers picked at the peak of freshness to create a sweet and spicy sauce with superior flavor. It's the perfect complement to everything from cheese and pretzels to burgers and barbecue.

Plus a handmade alpaca soap AND a soap holder. 

Appalachian Mercantile - February

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