Huntington Edition: Monty's Pizza

By Candace Nelson - 8:36 PM

Montys Pizza

Everybody loves pizza, right? Well, *most* people love pizza (sorry, lactose-intolerant friends). This means there are a LOT of opinions on pizza. Do you like a super thin crust or a thick, puffy crust? Sweet sauce or slightly spicy sauce? Tons of toppings or minimal? We all have our own preferences, and I always try to keep an open mind to new styles. And, I tend to get my standard cheese pizza with mushrooms as a benchmark. So, let's check out a new-to-me spot in Huntington.

Montys Pizza

Monty's Pizza in Huntington calls itself the "Cadillac of Pizza Places." OK. I called in a small with mushrooms and made my way to the building. It looks kinda old school from the outside, and I was happy to see the drive-up pick-up window. That makes things easier in these COVID-19 times (and, let's be honest, outside of those times, too). So, I dug in right away. It's a thinner crust that they cook to dark golden brown. There was ample stringy cheese and I liked the sauce; it was fairly subtle and mild. Overall, it made for a decent pie. Pretty standard, solid pizza.

Grade: B

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