Fayetteville Edition: Studio B Art Boutique Wine & Beer Gallery

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Studio b wine & cheese

Studio B Art Boutique Wine & Beer Gallery is a really cool shop in Fayetteville that has everything from WV products and clothing to beer and wine. There's really a lot here, but, of course, I wanted to focus on the food and drink part. 

Studio b wine & cheese

First, let's talk Mountain Top Tea, which is produced by Berkeley Springs Brewing Company. These are beers brewed with tea, like Mandarin Orange Rooibos, Green Tea or Earl Grey. So they're like sours but with these tea flavors. If you are a tea fan, this could be a good try! 

Studio b wine & cheese

Then, I also wanted to collect the beautiful line of cans from Greenbrier Valley Brewing Company. I need the Green Bank Fruited Gose, 35 Pale Ale and would love Bat Boy! If anyone knows where I can get these cans, give me a head's up! 

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